April 20, 2013

White Dog saw my frown as I hugged Nuka to congratulate her for another meal totally eaten but held her tongue until we were alone. "How come you are unhappy with my sister?" she asked. "I am not, Sweet One. I was frowning at how thin she is; her hips and shoulder blades stick out and there is no meat on her rib cage at all."

Nuka is once again back to her normal eating routine but with a diva twist. In the beginning stages of recovery, Dr. Julia gave her permission to eat anything she wanted just as long as she ate. When we were transitioning her back to solid food, Steve discovered that sprinkling the tiny sweet potato star training treats from Wet Noses was like putting candy confetti on kids' oatmeal...it made the meal irresistible. We have tried several times to wean her from the stars (which are organic and healthy), but she turns her nose up at the bowl. When Steve reaches down with the bag and scatters a handful of the 1/8" treats across the top of her mackerel, veggies and rice...or mixes them in with her morning kibble...magic! We figure the few extra calories are good things so we indulge her; the rest of the White Dog Army is convinced that she is receiving preferential treatment.

Another White Dog shows no remaining ill effects from the pancreatitis except for her thinness; she is full of life and spunk. Three and one half pounds is significant if you only weigh nineteen pounds to begin with. Nuka enjoys treats and our duck jerky midday break but she is not a chowhound. She is eating but certainly is not putting on weight at any fast rate. The voice of my Hungarian ancestors channel through me as I think to myself, "this girl needs fattening up, she is way too skinny!" and I try to sneak her extra cookies outside the gaze of any of the others.

I whisper the secret truth to White Dog, the Little White Dog of My Heart and my soul mate, "I am also a bit jealous of the fact that Nuka can eat...is in fact encouraged to eat...anything she wants and that gaining weight is a good thing." White Dog nuzzles my cheek and laughs.


24 Paws of Love said...

So glad to hear Nuka is doing so well. It may take a while to put the weight back on. Sometimes it is just as hard to put it on as take it off. When Chance first came to us with his ribs showing, it took him almost a year and half to finally keep any meat on his bones.

Hope Nuka keeps feeling better.

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

We too are happy to hear Nuka is eating again. We have the same struggle here with Phantom. He is not a good eater but with lots of tricks from Mom he is eating most days (barring the approach of t-storms). But he loves his treats too. He definitely get preferential treatment with Mom and Dad indulging him in all sorts of extras when the other three of us are out. But he is just skin and bones too. No fat gained at all.

But one day at a time, and he seems happy and content. So he can be a skinny boy as long as his life is good.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Kari in Alaska said...

Have you tried Satin's Balls for weight gain?

Stop on by for a visit

Brian said...

Hey, if she is eating and happy let the divs feast on!

Jo's World said...

I am just happy to hear that Nuka is well again. Since she is an older girl, she may wish to take her time filling up and gaining weight. I just wish her the best of good health!

Cheers to the WDA!

Jo in MN

Random Felines said...

purrs to Nuka - we are glad she is doing so much better (and mom had to laugh about your wish....she says the same thing)

Ginger Jasper said...

Glad that Nuka is doing well. It takes time to put the weight back on as we know only too well but little by little it happens. Onwards and upwards.. Hugs GJ x