April 26, 2013

White Dog sneezed several times. YoYoMa had a drippy nose. Oso sneezed so hard his tiny body got knocked off of its feet. Poor Nuka had puffy eyes. Becks walked in the door with a tissue under her nose just in time to hear Puff do a funny reverse sneeze in harmony with Steve's "HONK!"

"Daisy and Maple are sneezing and have snotty noses, too," she said. "ALLERGIES," the entire White Dog Army responded in unison and then snorgled.

When the allergies get really bad, there is always benedryl, but I do not like to give the antihistamine too frequently...just a momma thing about not over medicating. So instead I gently wash down faces and paws, and brush coats and we stay inside for awhile. Afternoons are the worst because of our wind patterns; they pick up from two until just before dark.

It is the end of tree flowering time in Albuquerque and the air is rife with pollens and seedies. YoYoMa has decided he likes to roll in the fuzzy "caterpillar" seeds falling from the elm; the string seeds cover his coat in fine mashed up pollen and the strings cling to his tail and skirts. He consequently drags them into the house and shakes them every where...then sneezes from the dust. One of the weekend tasks is for Steve to suck as many as possible up with the leaf blower and add them to the compost bin. He will be amply supervised, I am sure.

Michael has done a fine job of keeping the deck swept clear so that the WDA can for short periods sun bathe, alternating between warm sun and cool shadow while they listen to the baby birds in the nest (who do not even have feather yet). At seventy degrees F, it is the perfect weather for stretching out, snoozing al fresco, and enjoying nature. Then I hear the rattle of collars and the sound of stuffy noses...and I know I will soon have company inside in the office.

Hope your weekend is filled with perfect sunpuddles for snoozing, pleasant allergy-free breezes, and Springtime magic.


Brian said...

Yep, tis allergy season all over and my Dad has been honking up a storm too. Okay, not really a storm, but it did rain!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

oh noo!! allergies.... and runny noses

Little Reufus said...

O the dreaded allergies. I amb so sorry yeu habbs got the sneezies and such! The Mom finks I amb scratching the itchies teu much... and the bollen iss ebbery single where!

Feel better soon, my friends...

wif lubbs from Little Reufus

Jo's World said...

No dog or cat allergies here, just
PEEPLE allergies!

Honk! Sneeze! Snort!