April 6, 2013

White Dog strategized with me. "Today let's just let what happens, happen. Nuka may be in a great eating mood...or she may not. We will do the best we can. I think part of my sister's problem now is that she is being over-scrutinized. Watch for the big stuff but stop staring at her like she is made of paper and is going to tear apart; you make us all nervous in anticipation of trouble."

So we decided to let go a little. Of course, I wasn't happy that Nuka did not want breakfast (but she did swallow two syringes of liquid feeding and later, at dinner, did eat a small serving of her normal kibble, fish and rice). It was a lovely, warm day so we harnessed up the White Dog Army and just went for a ride and quick trip to the Park before Steve headed off to work. I worked hard to keep the "worry mom" switch set on "low."

The WDA was thrilled with car ride with the windows safely open and breezes blowing through the van. This was just for them, there were no errands, and they wagged and smiled in happiness as Steve drove. At the Park there was a crush to get out first, even Nuka wanted to walk. Puff was patient as I held her and we had a little car time together (she is still in heat). Quinn was content to just nap on the back seat, his fur gently ruffled by the wind.

Back home every pup lined up for jerky and then waved Steve off to his Saturday teaching duties. It was delightfully temperate with the front door open and each of the WDA found a comfy spot to incorporate the treat of Spring weather into their afternoon nap.

They awoke one-by-one and wandered out to see what I was making in the kitchen. Soon I had six supervisors as I put together a pumpkin walnut loaf for Sunday's gathering. As their luck would have it, I had more pumpkin in the can than I needed for the recipe so they had a little pumpkin/kibble parfait while they guarded the oven and kept an eye on the timer...but Nuka politely refused and went back to sleep more in the office.

And so it went into the evening. Following White Dog's advice we did "normal" stuff. Sometimes Nuka joined us; others she did not. Steve and I did hydrate her subcutaneously just before bedtime as we had promised the vet we would. Nuka accepted the treatment calmly lying on the bed and did not squirm; the rest of the Army looked on.

As Steve reached over to turn off the light to sleep I realized that White Dog had been right. The day had been much less stressful. There is still much progress that Nuka needs to make before we can consider her "recovered" but fretting will not make it happen quicker.

Based on the satisfied settling in noises and peaceful sounds of sleep moving over the house, perhaps "just letting what happens, happen" has a place in the healing process...not just for Nuka but in how her illness affects the entire pack.


Anonymous said...

It's so hard not to hover and worry when one of the Pack isn't well or is not eating. But they all pick up on it. I had to be careful with Linga when she refused food, as my worry made the rest of the Pack uncomfortable. And it didn't do Linga any good either. I know what you're going through.

GOOSE said...

Good advise, fretting never made anything better. It's a hard think to not show the worry, but I think it is very good medicine for all.

Anonymous said...
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Brian said...

I think Nuka might really apprciate that and now, Nuka, go nibble some kibble dear one.

Amber DaWeenie said...

We all know that dogs can sense when their family is worried about something. You have taken the right approach, no matter how hard that must have been. We'll keep right on sending prayers for Nuka. That yucky germ must be almost ready to move on.

Random Felines said...

Yep - that White Dog is pretty smart. :) We can all say that we know that people stress transmits to us, but sometimes taking a breath and letting things be makes a difference for everyone (now - go eat Nuka!!)

Anonymous said...
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Ginger Jasper said...

I think maybe that was the right strategy and that Nuka will benefit from no stress to eat. I have the purr motor on high for a better eating day tomorrow.. Hugs GJ x