May 11, 2013

White Dog and the rest of the White Dog Army asked to see the menu for tomorrow's historic establishment of Paws To People, the charity we have started to fund comparative studies research as bridges for cures to human and pet catastrophic diseases. "Sweet One, it is a business meeting, with motions and voting and dry parliamentary procedure. This is not a party."

"Why not?" she challenged. This is an incredible milestone and years from now you will want to look back and have photos of the joyous moment that began the successful history of Paws To People, a major instrument in helping to rid the world of cancer, and seizures, and diabetes and more."

"Why not, indeed?" the Others joined in. "Food and Celebration seems like a great way to start the journey." They convinced me that Sunday's event deserves to be special and filled with the community that comes from sharing a meal and a congratulatory toast.

We spent the rest of the day and evening putting together dips and dippers that will create a table laden with fresh veggies, fruit skewers, sweet potato chips, crostini, tortilla chips, bread, and vanilla wafers. When Steve returned home from work, the White Dog Army split supervisory tasks between the two of us and directed the preparation of five savory dips: salmon (all of the Army fought to be on THAT team); spinach and white bean; feta and sun dried tomato; spicy pumpkin; and peppercorn Parmesan. At YoYoMa's insistence we did a blueberry cheesecake dip for dessert.

"Is this what you had in mind?" "I asked the WDA as I wiped smudges of samples off of furry chins. "One more thing," Nuka suggested and then whispered in Steve's ear. The girls hoped in the car with Steve and headed out on a mystery mission to return a short time later with a case of sparkling apple cider.

"Something for a congratulations toast," Puff explained. Thank dogness Becks had room to keep the cute little bottles chilled in her refrigerator as ours was packed to the brim. The WDA surveyed the work and wagged their approval. All were tired but full and happy as we headed off to night walks and then bed.

They are ready to wait patiently while business is conducted and the Organization becomes an official corporation with a Board of Directors and By-laws, but the minute P2P is real, the WDA plans to break loose and lead the celebration of new hope and fellowship...in the best White Dog Army tradition, with yummy noshes and hugs all around.


Brian said...

Food is always cause for a good celebration!

Ginger Jasper said...

Brian is so right good food makes for a good time. Sounds good what you are doing and I do love how you always try to help. The White army is so brilliant. Hugs GJ x

Mr. Pip said...

Oh my gosh, your menu sounds delicious!!!!! Enjoy!

Your pal, Pip

www.grandmasmad3ringcircus.com said...

Good luck with your project.
It's great to see someone doing
something so positive!