May 22, 2013

White Dog and The White Dog Army
Wonderful World Wednesday

White Dog looked up from her apple fritter and asked, “Why is it that humans manage to rise above all of their everyday fighting and distrust and anger during times of catastrophe? If there is a disaster you are magnificent in the way you join together and offer support and comfort. Other times you kill each other in wars and walk past those in need without so much as a head turn. I don’t get it.”

All of the White Dog Army had set breakfast aside and were listening for my answer. “Sweet One, first let’s be fair, most days there are LOTS of humans out their acting with nobility and kindness and compassion. They fight for justice and fairness and are filled with hope. I can’t prove that with statistics or newspaper articles, but I know it in my heart to be true.

“A disaster is an event that focuses the world’s attention and galvanizes in the realization that we are all just a roll of the dice away from losing everything that we hold dear; no one is guaranteed that they will be spared disaster that could leave them with nothing. It is in our realization of vulnerability that we are our most human…and are opened to the ability to make a difference; to want the control to make something better in the world.

“You all must admit the outpouring of relief and help from all over the world to the people of Moore, Oklahoma, is awesome to witness. It seems that there is willing help for every task and sanctuary for every creature. It makes me proud…and it should you, too, as there are many trained pups there helping find the missing and to provide comfort and do their part.”

Our blog family, which you all know is among the best of the best when it comes to those who daily work to make the world wonderful, is doing its part to help as well. Here is what our community has organized; we ask you to support Blogville's effort in any way you can every penny will help.  (we borrow from the Dachsies With Moxie):

 If you would like to HELP the Dogs, Cats, Horses, and other ANIMALS effected by the 5/20/13 TORNADO in Moore, Oklahoma here is WHAT and HOW to do it.
Our beloved furends           SUSIE, SHADOW, and SIDEBITE  are spearheading the efforts. They live less than 20 miles from Moore.   You can Click the link above ↑ to find their Blog...   or go to htt://susieandsidebite.blogspot.com  to read about them and learn more about the relief help that they have gotten started.      Their DAD's BOSS at the Pro Tire Center is allowing us to use his business Address   and the business CREDIT CARD system to make donating EASY for YOU!  ALL FUNDS WILL BE DONATED   to "Central Park Dog Care"  which is part of  the "Oklahoma Humane Society" & the "Moore Humane Society" Dogs and Cats are coming in in droves!

We will save all funds until we feel that most donations have been received, then a Company check will be written. We will use a photo of YOU and  your name on a POSTER when we donate the check!
            *****         **************      ********       ********       **********
Once you have made a donation PLEASE go to Susie and Sidebite's BLOG and leave a Comment  giving your permission for them to take a picture from YOUR blog... and give them your Blog URL for doing so.      
THEY want YOU to receive the acknowledgement you well deserve.

 If you would like to send CASH or a CHECK     make it Payable to PRO TIRE CENTER     
Mail it to : Pro Tire Center, 10735 N. Rockwell, Oklahoma City, OK    73162     Att: JIM   
 Be sure to include the NAME of WHO is making the donation EX... Frankie Furter
 If you would like to pay by Credit Card...    Please send an EMAIL to
  and be SURE to include the following info
   in the BODY of the email please include the following:
2.   Your NAME as it appears on the card   PLUS your ADDRESS: City  State  ZipCode & COUNTRY    
3.  Name of your Credit Card     (Master Card.. Am. Express...or Discover only)
4.  The AMOUNT $  you wish to donate
5.   Your PHONE NUMBER....  in case there is a problem processing the information
6. Your Credit Card #    including the   Three Numbers on the BACK...
7.   AND the name of the one(s) making the donation  (ex.    Frankie and Ernie) 
      (NOTE:   your statement will say that a payment was made to    Pro Tire Center) 

THE NEED there is HUGE.    Please do what you can

There is NO minimum amount for donation.    Every $ will HELP.     

Spread the WORD....   there are animals who are in MAJOR need of OUR Help. That is the BLOGVILLE WAY...  WE help.



Amber DaWeenie said...

Once again, Blogville will do all it can to help the animals affected by this disaster.

So sad this had to happen.

meowmeowmans said...

What a wonderful response to a terrible tragedy. We hope, purr and pray that this is a huge success, because the need is so great.

Brian said...

They sure need so much help. Bravo to everyone helping them!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Thank you for posting about this!