May 3, 2013

White Dog loves to go on car rides. YoYoMa can be counted on to come running every time he hears a leash jangling as Steve removes it from the hook. But not this morning.

When Steve called "Siku, let's go for a ride" she did not even lift her head from the bed and when he came into the room to get her she tried to melt into my legs and bury herself under the covers. When he looked over the bed to where YoYoMa was curled and said, "You, too, let's go!" He got a whine in response.

It was spa day. White Dog and Yet Another White Dog needed it badly. Both are seriously blowing coat and they have the thickest hair. Additionally, Yo's belly was thunderstorm grey and his equally dirty leg feathers were long enough that he was tripping on them. Siku has always gone to her friend Scot (with Seven, her Scottish Terrier who catches WD up on the neighborhood gossip) for grooming; YoYoMa is too big and unmanageable to really bathe in the bathtub.

Normally, "Spa Day" brings the two rushing to the door in anticipation of the treats and attention they get for the few hours needed for Scot to work her magic. But this morning Steve had to carry the little white fearless leader out to the car and then practically drag the crying Yo (yes, he is a MAJOR drama queen) out to join her. Their antics were enough to waken the rest of the Army and set them on edge about the fate of their siblings. It was enough to convince Steve to park in the back of the shop which is fenced just in case WD tried to go on walk about home.

When he returned Steve reported their arrival was filled with moaning and carrying on until Tara knelt down for hugs and treats round one (of 785). "They will be fine," she said and WD gave Steve her "Well, what are you still doing here" look.

Scot called around noon to tell us two White (yes, really white) Dogs were ready to come home. When I asked, she laughed. "Siku and YoYoMa are two of our best clients. They are so patient and calm. We fight over who gets the joy of grooming them." Just to confirm that she was taking about MY dogs, I described them and told her Steve would be right over.

White Dog and YoYoMa looked floofy and bight white, head turning in their elegance. They pranced in and the rest of the Army gathered to sniff their lightly scented furs. "Don't worry kids," Steve promised the others. "Next time it is Puff and Oso's turn. But this weekend all of you get a bath and quick groom at Chez Steve's Beauty Paradise."

True to my promise of jerky when they returned, I reached for the bag to distribute the duck snack...just in the nick of time I heard the dog door slam and Yo skidded to a sit position in front of me. He had been out rolling in the caterpillar seedies and his freshly brushed out back and tail were dotted with them.

"Not even an hour?" I asked and handed him his treat.


Brian said...

Well that spa day certainly ended better than it began!

What's Her Name said...

LOL!!!! Sounds just like th DWM on bath day here!

KB Bear said...

Great ending! We've had one of our Labs groomed only once in our lives, and he jumped in a cranberry bog withing 30 minutes thereafter :)

Jo's World said...

How lovely that they wound up enjoying the experience!

Stella has that spaniel fine hair, and it goes into mats within a minute of being outdoors or near a shrub.Never seen anything like it.

Like cleaning your house before the housecleaner comes, I have to work mats before taking her to a groomer!

Cheers and hugs all around,

Jo, the reluctant Stella and Zkhat

meowmeowmans said...

It sounds like Yo has his own thoughts about what "clean and coiffed" looks like. :)