May 30, 2013

White Dog shook her head proudly as she told the others, "When will people learn that it is never a good idea to make momma mad?"

She was referring to my springing into action this morning as a protective momma bear to get Quinn the treatment he needed.

Our manic boy does not do well in extreme weather, like our sudden heat. He has been on a decline for the past couple of days and woke this morning with such weakness in his back leg that he could not stand. Normally, a laser treatment and massage at Dr. Julia's provides the jumpstart he needs to recover and in severe cases it is the first line in a carefully planned series of laser treatments across a week or 10 days. A phone call is usually all that is needed to get Quinn what he needs.

This morning, I called, Quinn in my lap, and spoke to a new receptionist at the clinic. I explained who I was and what Quinn needed. I expected her to check the schedule and ask me questions about Quinn's condition. Instead, I got, "We're booked into next week." And then she hung up on me! I stared at the phone in my hand, shocked!

White Dog ran to get Steve; she knew an explosion was coming. "When do they want me to bring our boy in?" he asked. "Ummm, they don't; they are booked," I said through gritted teeth. "So when can they fit him in ?" "Don't know, the receptionist hung up on me."

He tried to call but suddenly Dr. Julia's nighttime answering machine was intercepting calls and we could not get through. "What's going on," Steve wondered aloud. It was certainly not the usual...Dr. Julia's support staff is well trained, attentive and offer compassionate customer care. We have never had anything but the highest praise for this professional team.

Quinn's need drove me to call Coral on of the nursing staff who also has a side business of massaging and healing touch. I left a message for her to get back to me so that at least Quinn might get the benefit of her therapy. (She later told Steve, "I knew something was up when she identified herself as SUSAN Smith!) Meanwhile I also emailed Cindy, Dr. Julia's Number One outlining what was happening.

"Don't worry, brother," Nuka told The Other White Dog. "Look at momma's face. You WILL get your treatment if she has to drive over and do it herself!"

Minutes later, Coral returned my call and was shocked at my story. She put me briefly on hold and came back to relay that Dr. Julia had given permission for us to bring in Quinn whenever we wanted (a half an hour? yes!). As I hung up from that conversation but before the WDA could do a victory dance, Cindy called me.

She was on vacation in Iowa but had already been in touch with the clinic and was full of apologies and anger at the poor service. Seems the new girl was VERY new and untested, the staff was short today and Dr. Bingham (the other vet) had called in sick causing all kinds of ripples. The new girl had been instructed not to schedule any new appointments for the day and did not have enough sense to think outside that box for a regular patient with a chronic problem. Cindy assured me that more training would be forthcoming when she returned.

When Steve arrived at Dr. Julia's with our pained boy, he was immediately ushered in for a treatment. The poor overwrought girl at the desk apologized a half dozen times. Quinn was getting the treatment he needed; that was more than sufficient...and we had helped the new girl understand the need to ask questions to those calling in rather than being so black and white.

Our Quinn came home able to at least stand and walk, wobbily, but at least get around and go potty. He will need to go in again for a repeat of the laser treatment and will probably need several sessions before the knot of overworked nerves relaxes.

On this Thankful Thursday we are more than grateful that our vet understands Quinn's special needs and goes out of her way to keep him in health. We are also thankful she understands a momma who demands nothing less for her precious boy.

As White Dog explained, "Momma will forgive you for her stealing her stuff or breaking her heart but don't EVER mess with one of her White Dogs!" My girl has that right.


rottrover said...

Yep! Don't mess with mom!!


♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Every day your Mom earns the Mother of the Year award:)

Hope Quinn is doing much better.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

SailorEdgar said...

What a distressing situation! I'm glad Quinn got the treatment he needed.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Well, your mom certainly knows how to get things accomplished.

Jacqueline said...

You guys are so lucky to have such a wonderful Momma (and Daddy) to care for you and always make sure you get the very best care...We are so glad precious Quinn got his treatment and some relief, purring loudly for him to feel much better asap...We are also really grateful to have you guys as friends...Happy weekend, sweeties...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

Brian said...

Right on Mom!!! I am so happy it all worked out quickly!

Ginger Jasper said...

You are so right don't mess with a mum. So glad the awful situation was sorted quickly and that your sweet white one is feeling better. Hugs GJ x

KB Bear said...

Sorry that you had to go through that, and I'm even more sorry that Quinn is in a rough patch. But, don't mess with mom! I'm the same way - I never stand up for myself with the same ferociousness as I use when I stand up for our dogs. I'm glad that WDA has you to speak for them!

Sending healing thoughts to Quinn.

meowmeowmans said...

We're so glad that things worked out in the end. Way to go, Mom Sue!

Little Reufus said...

O. M. D.
It iss good teu habbs yeur the Mom in yeur corner!!! And I deu hobes that Sweet Quinn is feeling much more betterer!!!

wif lubbs from Little Reufus

FiveSibesMom said...

You go, Momma WDA! Seriously, I hope Quinn stays doing better. We are sending all healing vibes and prayers his way.

Naughty new girl. Lesson well-learned, I would hope.

Sending you an Email. :-)