June 10, 2013

White Dog stayed behind when the rest of the White Dog Army followed Steve to the kitchen to make popcorn. "Dad Vacation, Day One, was pretty cool despite the heat," she said. "I think dad would agree with you, Little White Dog of My Heart. What did you like best?"

"Well..." she thought for a moment. "it is hard to choose because even the normal stuff was special knowing dad did not have to rush off to work or do his homework."

"The smoked salmon and cream cheese for lunch," YoYoMa interrupted leading the contingent of popcorn bearers.

"Sleeping in." was Nuka's response.

"Supervising the cleanup of the grill for the start of bbq season," Oso and Puff said at the same time.

Quinn cast his vote: "Dad just sitting with me early this morning when the birds started singing and I could not go back to sleep. We sat together and listened while you all slumbered. He made me feel safe and calm. And he was relaxed, too. He did not even turn on his alarm clock he told me."

"Can I vote twice?" Yo begged. "I forgot about the grilled bratwurst and garlic cheese raviolis we had for dinner."

"If he gets two votes, I want two votes, " Puff demanded. "Me too!" cried Nuka.

"Guys! Lets just agree that the day was full of wonderful moments and treats. Having dad on vacation is great. Now if you start arguing the popcorn will get cold and we won't have time for tonight's movie."

The White Dog Army circled Steve and looked at him silently. "My favorite part of the day that I did not have to leave any of you for even a moment!" Steve told them and reached to turn on the television. Six tails wagged with delight.


Amber DaWeenie said...

Aren't vacations great! I know you all will have a wonderful time with Dad being home....


Jo's World said...

Aw, is that sweet or what? Such happy pups, such gratitude and all over Dad's vacation!

Let it last a long time!

Stella and Zkhat

Random Felines said...

YEAH for vacations!! (gotta love Yo...the way to that boy's heart is obviously through his stomach)

Brian said...

It sounds like the vacation is off to a fun start!

Ginger Jasper said...

Sounds just purrfect.. Hugs GJ x

Keisha said...

Food is good! :) I like it when my Dad comes home and hugs me.