June 14, 2013

White Dog and The Army gathered around me. They looked sad. "I guess that officially dad's vacation is over," White Dog began. "Since Fridays are Saturdays and he is usually home any way." "The time went by too quickly," Puff said. "We didn't get to do half of the stuff on our fun list," Oso chimed in. Quinn looked up and wondered, "Why do all of the good times seem to just rush by? It's like he's only been home for a few days."

"Sweet Ones, I too, wish this time would never end but let us not be ungrateful for the time we have spent together. The weather was too hot to do a lot of the outdoor things you wanted; dad will never put you in harm's way. It is his job to make that call and protect you." Nuka asked to be picked up.

"But you said things will get a little crazy now and dad will be super busy for the next couple of weeks," she whispered.

"It is true, he will be starting a new school quarter and has an awful teaching schedule and he will be back to being a student again. And for the next two weeks he is still teaching that special seminar class every morning. That is crazy busy. He will need all of our patience and understanding and love."

Quinn stood up on wobbly legs and leaned against me. "It HAS been wonderful having dad home to help me adjust to my new treatment protocol and to get me back on track healthwise. It always feels so much better when we are all together."

"White Dogs, dad is just going back to our normal life with a speed bump at the beginning, he is not leaving us. We always adjust when one of needs extra pack care, like he has for you Quinn. For the next few weeks it is dad's turn."

White Dog came to a resolution in her head, i could see the change in her posture. She stood up on the Watching Chair. "You always tell us not to spend the time we could be joyful today by worrying about tomorrow," she announced. "The return isn't until Monday morning at 9. I decree we are going to spend this time celebrating our time together, whatever we do and with whatever weather constraints we face. We are going to be thankful that dad is here with us."

The WDA was murmuring its agreement as Steve returned with YoYoMa. They had been for a quick walk around the neighborhood. "Whatcha talking about?" Steve asked in response to the Army's chatter. "Just how much we love you, dad!" Oso replied as he asked Steve to pick him up.

"Well WE were talking about tacos for lunch," YoYoMa said. "The big handmade ones from Los Cuates!" White Dog heads turned to look at Steve. He  nodded. "Just because."


Brian said...

Those vacations things disappear quicker than a hand made taco!

Jo's World said...

I love when you and your pups are "chatting". Wouldn't it make a nice series of books for kids about 7 to 11 years? Some kids don't think their dogs think about anything, but dogs worry and they wonder and they wish. What say you?


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Vacations are never long enough- not ever!