June 4, 2013

White Dog suggested we call today's post "Togetherness Tuesday" because that is the way things are done here in our Blog Community. "Whenever there is a disaster or someone in need, our Blog family steps up to the plate for provide help, support and encouragement," she told the others.

And she is right. We have all commented with awe and thankfulness about the most generous compassionate hearts and giving souls that populate our blogs and share our journeys. Better two- or four-leggeds cannot be found anywhere else on the planet and we are all blessed and proud to be a part of it all.

The people of Oklahoma are still struggling with the aftermath of the monstrous tornado that devastated Moore as well as fighting several new onslaughts of tornadoes and wild weather since. There are many in need; shelters are overflowing and supplies are depleted.

In an effort to raise green papers What's Her Name, momma to the Dachsies With Moxie, is trying to put together an auction. But she can't do it without our help.

Beginning next Monday and running through July 4th, the DWM and Susie and Sidebite, are sponsoring an auction to raise green papers for our furry friends affected by the tornadoes in Moore, Oklahoma.
They are in desperate need of items to be auctioned- Mama Mindy Slimmer and Ranger have donated, AND our pals in the UK Mollie and Alfie are donating too as well as organizing donations for this auction! The White Dog Army has donated a pair of upcycled handmade tumblers engraved with Sit Dog made by Grace from Arwen's Pack and a $25 gift certificate from the delicious Dog Mom's Bakery. But they need more...for cats...dogs...people. PLEASE help by donating, bidding, and spreading the word about this beautiful effort. 

PayPal will be available for the winning bids.  Updates on the bidding will occur throughout each day, so please bear with us as WHN is somewhat computer literate BUT is determined to help raise as many green papers as possible- after all she is WHN and has never run an auction before!

The spirit of community is unbeatable when we all join together. It is what we all love about being here. It is what we all do best. Help make this auction a success. thanks.


meowmeowmans said...

What a compassionate and caring online community. We have our paws crossed that this effort is a big success, and we will see if there is anything we can contribute.

Brian said...

There are so many helper heros doing so many amazing things!!!!

Ginger Jasper said...

I will go visit and see what I can do. I also love how we al pull together in our wonderful blogger community. Hugs GJ xx