July 11, 2013

White Dog looked at the clock and sighed dramatically...for the eight millionth time. "Sweet One," I said reaching down to scratch her ears, "I must get this done tonight. Tomorrow is dad's late teaching night so this is our last opportunity to get everything organized, packed, and ready for Saturday. It may be late but I PROMISE I will post a blog entry for tonight. Please understand."

The rest of the White Dog Army had way earlier in the evening come to terms with boxes all over the living room and then bags and then papers. At first they explored every single item and once past the dog treats and food, quickly decided that supervising would be more comfortable if they just found cozy spots and watched while resting.

This Saturday is Paws To People, Bridges To Cures very first public event. P2P is the non-profit we founded to raise awareness and funds to further comparative studies research in cancer and other catastrophic diseases. After months of paperwork and filing documents and becoming certified, we are making our debut with a day long workshop that focuses on the first best defense against disease...fitness and good health.

From the moment we announced the formation of Paws To People, Bridges To Cures, we have received an outpouring of support and encouragement from every corner of our lives. It has certainly given us courage and confidence that we have done the right thing in this creation.

When I began talking about the idea of a Health Fair the response was no less generous...VCA Animal Hospitals donated their lovely conference room for a venue and three of their best specialists offered to donate their time to give presentations. A local pet resort offered their aquatics program director to speak about exercise and alternative forms available for special needs. Our most knowledgeable Pet Emporium volunteered to discuss diet, and changing life needs, and food options. Dragon and Sen-ge's dad and his partners are providing (gratis) catered people foods for snacking and and the pups will nosh on organic, wheat-free cookies made in small batches at a family store in Louisiana of alligator, crayfish and crab.

As WD and the others watched Thursday night, we filled the living room with bags stuffed with treasures. The Health Fair is free but each participant is going to take home a goodie bag filled with full sized food samples, a leash, magnet, pens, necessary bags in a handy holder, a health record chart, lots of information and discount coupons...again, all graciously donated by those in our community who stand behind the idea of fighting the good war against diseases that take too many too soon.

This Thursday we are thankful that so many believe in our mission and reach out to be a part of our drive to see an end to the c monster and diabetes and dementia, and so many others. We are, all of us, building Bridges to Cures...together.


KB Bear said...

The WDA is truly wonderful with such generosity guiding your lives!

Brian said...

We are so proud of all the good things you do to battle the Evil C Dragon!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

You are all so giving!