July 13, 2013

White Dog said, "It is exhausting changing the world, Momma! I need to eat and then I am going to nap for the rest of the weekend!" The Little White Dog of My Heart and the rest of the White Dog Army were thrilled at the response and interaction of the My Dog and Me Health Fair but after three and half hours of overseeing the hospitality, cheering on the amazing discussion, and taking notes of newly learned information they were ready for dinner and an evening of rest.

So were we but it is opera season. After setting up dinners and giving thank you hugs, Steve and I changed clothes and personas then headed up to Santa Fe to see La Donna del Lago, Rossini's Italian opera based on Sir Walter Scott's Lady of the Lake which Rossini read from a French translation with a plot featuring warring clans in the Sottish highlands...VERY international in a strange way. (Believe me, there is something odd about kilted singers performing Italian trilling arias). We were running late because everyone at the Health Fair lingered to continue sharing and talking, so there was no luscious picnic just some hastily thrown together sandwiches and cookies.

It was a lovely evening and the lightning storm in the background provided a backdrop that was spectacular (and appropriate to the plot). BUT it was another long work and it was after one am when we returned home, exhausted. The WDA swarmed us looking for their share of the usual picnic but had to settle for bits of leftovers from the refrigerator (blessedly they did not complain).

And then...we ALL slept.


meowmeowmans said...

Wow, that's a lot of (awesomely fun) activity, gang! We can understand why you all slept so soundly. :)

Brian said...

I'll bet that was fun and the treats were even better!