July 16, 2013

White Dog was the only one not frustrated by the White Dog Army's game of "Roadblock."  Boredom drove crabbiness into territorial claim staking as the members of the WDA chose doorways or spots along the most used traffic areas. Each then spread him or herself down to block access as he or she napped in apparent oblivion to the needs of others to pass.

Nuka is the master of this game. Quinn adds his own touch of drama by singing out in wounded agony when anyone dares to try to push pass or touches him. Saintly Puff just endures the challenge and in her Gandhi-like way remains limp and unyielding when approached.

YoYoMa does not Roadblock nor does he accept being blocked. Using his blindness as an excuse he just thunders through pushing the blocker out of the way. Oso simply walks on top of the Block to where he is heading, but is not at all accepting when he is treated similarly.

White Dog has no time for such silliness. She prances along and nimbly leaps over the napping gatekeeper with such agility that most times the Blocker does not even know his or her block has been breached. I have seen her clear Puff and Nuka sleeping back-to-back without breaking stride. WD is not without her crabby side, however. Today she ably jumped back and forth over sleeping Nuka half a dozen times before she got tired of the game. So she stood close, but not touching and barked a "Move It!" warning over and over in an attempt to impose her will.

Only one problem, Nuka, our deaf girl, had her back to the Queen.


Wyatt said...

We have a similar game. "Troll on the Porch". No dog is allowed to get past the "Troll Dog"
Followed up with a game of bitey face!

Wyatt and Stanzie

haopee said...

LOL. I have experienced such similar attempts from one of our oldest pack member. Actually it comes to a point where Whitey will block puppy from approaching towards us. It sometimes gets worst when he forbids them to run around the premises.

Random Felines said...

yep - the hots will bring on the crabbies sometimes.

love the image of the White Dog barking at at the one girl who can't hear her MOL

Brian said...

We are all always jumping over roadblocks here!

KB Bear said...

Our dogs do this at the top of the steps. The younger dog scampers up first and then blocks. Funny, R always did it to K, who hated it. Now, Shyla does it to R. Go figure?

Great description of life in a big pack!

meowmeowmans said...

We're big roadblock jumpers here. :)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

And we all have our own way that we want something to happen- and so we try our hardest to make it happen our way.