July 28, 2013

White Dog was watching over my shoulder. I had Nuka on her back, cradled in my arms and Steve was holding the flashlight. The rest of the White Dog Army paced nervously around us. It was supposed to be bedtime.

Another White Dog had been very loose all day and had tried to run through the dog door just as we were getting settled for the night. She wasn't fast enough, catching up her back leg on the door and falling over...and messing herself. Steve and I were attempting to clean her up when we noticed she had a bigger issue.

Her sphincter was red and swollen and protruding like a cherry. We washed up the area thoroughly and she winced in pain. It was nearly midnight on Sunday...and of course, Dr. Julia was not available.

"Lets use the Animax ointment that she got for her vaginitis last year," Steve suggested, "and maybe give her half of an antibiotic." "The ointment is pretty fast acting and it should get us through the night," I agreed.  I could tell as I applied the liquid that Nuka felt instant relief and the redness was not quite so angry after about 15 minutes. Nuka was able to settle down and quickly fell asleep.

"I will call Dr. Julia when they open and maybe we will give her another of our treatments when you get up early," I said. "Looks like she will sleep through the night now, especially with the antibiotic."

Each of the WDA had to give their sister extra sweet dream wishes before they, too, settled down to sleep. As White Dog tucked herself in between Steve and I she said, "I have to admit that having an Army has made you pretty savvy and rattle-proof. Not so many years ago, you would have been madly driving to the Emergency Vet right now. I am proud of you for being so calm."

I stroked WD's side and thought, "if only you knew, Little One, this momma is going to be sleeping with one eye and an ear open."

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Amber DaWeenie said...

Oh Poor Nuka! I too would be sleeping with open eyes and ears. You probably would have been sitting in the ER if that antibiotic hadn't done it's job. Hope she's doing better.