June 30, 2013

White Dog stretched and agreed that after late nights for Opera Season it is nice to sleep in on Sunday morning. We had a leisurely breakfast and were just finishing up when Michael returned from his weekly grocery shopping trip. No one paid much attention when he let Oso out through the kitchen door to take care of business; after all, our Little Man knows how to use the doggie door to get back in.

When Quinn needed to avail himself about an hour later, Steve took him out...and came rushing in with Oso in his arms!

"I found him lying on his side staring blankly," Steve urgently shared as he placed the tiny boy in my arms. He was very hot and his eyes were not tracking. "I think it is heatstroke," Steve said.

Apparently Oh, Another White Dog had gotten involved in investigating some minutia in the hot sun of the yard and had waited too long to give up his find and return inside. Our temperatures are still brutal and with his small body heatstroke rushes in quickly.

I held the liquid boy as we iced his belly and paws with a bag of frozen veggies. Then he eagerly lapped LOTS of water. He was experiencing sunblindness (most likely from staring unblinkingly before Steve found him). Gradually his sight did return and he continued to drink. His respiration and body temperature returned to normal.

A HUGE scare but no damage done in the long run.

Michael was beside himself with guilt since it was he who let Oso out. It was not easy to convince him that Oso had the means to come back inside and that he, Michael, had done nothing wrong.

Our littlest one loves to wander the yard at a snail's pace examining every detail. Steve often jokes that OAWD is the only creature he knows who actually enjoys standing and watching grass grow! He is also the boy who sometimes misjudges his need and sometimes doesn't quite make it outside before his bladder explodes. I can well picture his getting caught up in the backyard drama of watching an ant drag a bit of leaf only to realize too late that he was overheating.

During this heat wave it has become a new policy at White Dog Ranch to do a head count frequently. We have also decided that Quinn, Nuka and Oso will be monitored more closely when they go out as all three tend to want to dawdle; this is fine most times of the year and in fact, we encourage their exercise, but for now we are going to insist on a quick return inside.

Remember, summer has its own dangers. Be aware...and stay cool.


Brian said...

How very scary, and I sure am glad that Oso is okay!!!

Random Felines said...

how scary - so glad Steve found him in time.... Glad he is doing better and we hope the hots simmer down a bit out there! Stay safe.