August 19, 2013

White Dog and Puff already had been to the grocery with Steve to restock the cream needed for morning coffee. Steve and YoYoMa had power walked a couple of miles. Michael had left very early not wanting to be late for the first day of school.

At 7am the bedroom was the perfect temperature and the fans wafted a gentle breeze. The diffused light through the blinds was soft and soothing. Bird songs and traffic noises lulled Nuka, Oso and I into a day dreamy, not-quiet-awake bliss. I took advantage of the early risers "go get it!" attitude and spread out to hog the whole bed. Nuka stretched her little body to fill the doorway; and Oso snored quietly with his back along the length of the bed frame.

Just as we three shifted lazily and started drifting back toward deeper sleep, Yo came thundering in, charged up from his walk, stumbling through his sister. He woke Oso by loudly and sloppily lapping gallons of water from the bowl right at the Little Man's paws before circling the bed and plopping down with a grunt on Steve's side by the windows. Puff banged out through the dog door.

White Dog hopped up on the bed and curled against me. "Good girl!" I mumbled and adjusted to continue my morning "slow awakening". Steve poked his head in the door to announce that he would join us after his shower. "Yeah, good."

When he came back after what seemed like only 30 seconds, he said, "I see your girl has been busy!" "Hmmm, she has been with you!"

"Nope. Your Baby Girl has been quite industrious while I showered." "She has been sleeping against my leg. What are you..." I didn't finish because Steve had scooped up the Kleenex confetti and was sprinkling it over my face. I raised my head and looked. The entire bottom half of the bed was covered in shredded tissue and centered upon it sat Her Highness calmly grooming her paw to wipe her tongue of tissue bits.The box on the nightstand was empty.

"OK, there you have it! No tears or nose-blowing today...by order of the Queen!"


24 Paws of Love said...

Very interesting. Veee-ry interesting.

TwoSpecialWires said...

Siku knows best.

KB Bear said...

Listen to Siku... although it's hard. We're thinking of you.

Brian said...

Oh yea, it is sure difficult, but the wise one will help.

Kari in Alaska said...

Smile at the memories, thats what I say

Stop on by for a visit

Ginger Jasper said...

I did laugh at that picture in my head. Yes Siku was letting you know something there. Hugs GJ xx

meowmeowmans said...

Siku is so wise. Make sure you follow the Queen's orders! :)

Sagira said...

BOL....Tempest likes to destuff pillows

Hye said...