August 24, 2013

White Dog was lying on the bed between us. YoYoMa napped next to the bed on Steve's side while Oso and Puff shared the space at the foot. Nuka was curled up fast asleep next to me. We had already shared popcorn and the night's viewing choice, The Tudors, was starting to bore the White Dog Army.

The court intrigue and political maneuvering befuddled the White Ones who spent the first half hour asking, "Why doesn't he just confront him directly?" and "He's lying and every one knows it...so why?" and "Isn't that just going to make things worse?"

The WDA was a little shocked to learn that although entertainment liberties had been taken in the telling the story, that the story and its underhandedness were pretty accurate. "See White Ones, modern humans didn't invent this behavior although we haven't grown out of it either." White Dog just sighed and the others closed their eyes.

Until one scene where the want-to-be-Queen, Anne, "gifts" a troublesome noble with a mastiff...and uses the bullying presentation as a thinly cloaked threat. As she stretched out her dainty gloved hand signaling her servant to give the gift to its new owner, the huge beast began growling, lunging and snapping.

At the sound, the WDA was on its feet, even Nuka our deaf girl, moving toward the television at full alert. White Dog straining on the edge of the bed had her teeth bared in ready defense and there was a chorus of deep throated challenges from our pack.

The scene lasted less than three minutes but the WDA was not going to be lulled into a surprise attack. They settled in a cluster around the TV and remained at full attention (despite Steve's attempts to explain) until the episode ended and we shut off the television. Then after a bit a snuffling and sniffing, the WDA stood down and found their bedtime spots.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

I think eating popcorn- makes all movies better.
I don't understand the movies either- but I do understand the smell of popcorn- means that I will get some.

24 Paws of Love said...

That's so funny! Our dogs never respond to TV dogs, but I know of this one song that starts out with dogs barking in two rounds. The first round they go on alert, but it's the second one that gets them all going!! BOL!

p.s. thinking of you <3

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Y'all showed that television who was boss. Never again shall a television bark in your house without you being aware! Go White Dog Army!