August 7, 2013

White Dog and the others were whispering in the hallway. It was about me. I heard Puff ask if bad luck was contagious; then Quinn wondered if the White Dog Army shouldn't protect themselves by tying garlic bulbs to their collars. I pulled the covers over my head and felt sorry for myself.

After last night's fiasco I thought things would settle down. Which they did...for everyone else. When I got up in the night I jammed my toe on the door frame trying to carefully maneuver around Oso without waking him and when I turned on the lights in the bathroom to check the damage I discovered where our never ending ant invasion had moved...there was a six legged conga line marching across my washcloth.The bloody toenail could wait until morning and a visit to the linen closet (please don't let them be THERE, I muttered).

This morning when Steve and YoYoMa went walking I reached to the nightstand for my glasses only to discover that gremlins in the night had broken one of the nose pieces off of the frame. They were my old pair which are more comfortable for computer work; I had forgotten to change back to my "normal" ones before heading to bed. I was fast running out of silver linings, though.

Steve came back to bed and I knew instantly there was to be no comfort from him. Gently he took my hand and started to apologize. "You will be VERY glad when this week is over," he began.

As part of our Recommitment Ceremony a while back (it was still just White Dog) I gave Steve a hand blown glass heart pendent. It was anatomically correct and a wondrous artistic work. When I gave it to him, I said, "Here is my heart; please don't break it."  Rituals and symbols are important to me and are reflected in my life and my art.

Well this morning in the shower the clasp had given way and my heart lay broken in the bottom of tub. I tried hard to be stoic but didn't succeed; tears started flowing. White Dog rushed to my side but Steve's anguish was clear as well.. "I am just being silly," I said. "Why don't you all go and start breakfast and let me pull myself together?"

My horoscope which I turned to out of desperation, counselled me to relax and not take things seriously: "There’s far too much drama swirling around you for you to take it seriously. Things are not up to your standards of truth and openness, so you may have to make a few guesses to make it through the day." Well, not so much truth and openness as balance and fair play, but close enough, I thought.

But then the printer jammed with an unsolvable issue and the IRS letter which I thought was Paws To People's long awaited 501c3 certificate turned out to just be a notification that they received our paperwork (yeah, like 6 weeks ago and the check had been cashed within two days!)...

"Maybe 6:45pm ISN'T too early to head to bed," I suggested to White Dog.


rottrover said...

Sending a great big bubble to hang out in for the next few days...and a margarita!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Ouch.....I wish your bad luck would turn to only good luck. But you must be a very strong person to be able to handle all of this. Remember a lesson taught....God will never give you more than he knows you can handle.

Jo's World said...

I miss a couple of posts and all hell breaks loose. OK, I am back so things will resume a peaceful and harmonious rhythm, please.

Sue, I hope that your paw/arm is healing just fine and is painfree.

We are with you,
Jo, Stella and Zkhat

meowmeowmans said...

Aw, we're so sorry things have been so rotten for you lately, Sue! For what it's worth, we love you and KNOW that things will get better. They will (we promise)!

Big hugs to you, dear friend. And all of our wishes that blessings come your way very, very soon.

Brian said...

Hugs from all of us. Maybe some catnip would help.

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Andy is sending good luck dances your way.
Sally Ann