September 3, 2013

White Dog squished herself into the chair next to Steve, took a long drink of water from his glass, and pragmatically shrugged. "At least it is one of your short days."

The White Dog Army always hates the work day following a long holiday weekend. this Labor Day was particularly bittersweet as we had the gift of Steve's presence for four whole days (he had taken some vacation time on Friday). It was heavenly and we all enjoyed being together but as Puff complained this morning, "we were just getting used to having you HERE all of the time!"

Fortunately it was one of the short days, just 3 until 6pm. And we are lucky that this week and next are between quarters so there will be no late teaching nights. Again, we will just be lulled into contentment...

...And the new quarter will start with back-to-back Wednesday-Thursday late nights along with a return to classes as a student for Steve (early mornings and lots of homework). But today was a short day and the WDA focused on that; enjoying the long leisurely morning and the sharing of lunch.

There was barely time for post jerky naps and snuggling as the rains moved in before Steve returned home to us so that we could, all together, cuddle as we waited for the stuffed chicken breast smells to tell us it was time to eat on what had become with its downpour of rain a cool, rather autumnal evening.

Change. Seems it is all around us.


Brian said...

We sure like normal a whole lot more than change!

Random Felines said...

guess it is a reminder to count our blessing while we have them :)

Sagira said...

A lot of work now, pays off later with more time together. :)