October 1, 2013

Nuka in her ultimate zone of security and comfort.
White Dog looked over the edge of the bed to where Nuka finally was sleeping fitfully. "Pancreatitis must feel so horrible from the inside because from the outside it seems pretty mean." Nuka had been up most of the night and slept now only because we took a chance and gave her a tramadol in the hopes that when we talked with Dr. Julia this morning she would agree that the pain management was critical.

When we spoke to our wonderful vet, she confirmed that Nuka could get and we should not be reluctant to use up to three half tablets of the pain medication a day. Nuka has continued to drink water so she ruled out the need for IV hydration. She did prescribe an anti-diarrheal to hopefully stem the explosiveness and start to heal the rawness of her bottom.

Dr. Julia asked what we were feeding and again agreed that the rice and pumpkin soup was good. "But," she added, "pick up some baby foods and mix that into your soup. We need to get more calories on your girl; she is already too thin."

When Steve came home from picking up the meds and shopping for baby food, the White Dog Army assembled in the kitchen to help him concoct a variety of pureed soups in single servings for Nuka.

"Let's add some turkey and gravy to the rice and pumpkin," Taiko suggested. "Good idea," White Dog congratulated then looked to Puff who was wagging with her own thoughts. Taiko was a bit puzzled. "Don't WE get to taste?" he asked. "This is for Nuka. We're cheffing, not dining!" was the response.

"How about split pea with the pumpkin rice and a splash of pedialyte instead of water," was Puff's thought. "Or turkey AND peaches AND rice," YoYoMa said, his lips smacking at the thought. "I bet she would like turkey and pumpkin mixed with rice and cranberry sauce," Oso contributed.

Steve had taken each suggestion and mixed a 1/2 cup serving into a deli container with a lid. "That way," he explained, "if Nuka is willing she can lap up the soup herself but if not momma and I can easily fill the syringe.

At dinner, the WDA crowded around the refrigerator arguing about who's concoction would be used first. "Close you eyes," White Dog ordered Steve. "Now just reach in and take one." It was turkey and gravy and rice and pumpkin.

The Army followed Steve into the living room where Nuka and I were waiting. She was in my arms and we wore our sloppy eating towel.

Would she eat on her own? Everyone held their breaths as Another White Dog lowered her head to the container that Steve held and then swung it to the side. She sniffed again. YoYoMa looked to the kitchen and I could tell he was thinking, "we will need the syringe."

But Nuka took a tentative lap, then another. Then My Beautiful Ugly Duckling realized she was hungry; she ate every bite of the soup. The WDA let out its breath and silently high pawed each other. Nuka leaned her head against my chest and closed her eyes.


KB Bear said...

I'm so glad that Nuka ate... I know how hard it is to manage pancreatitis since K had it chronically. She landed in the hospital a number of times. I'm glad that Nuka can be home with her family.

I'm sorry about my erratic visits. The flood thing is still turning our lives upside down, and I can't keep up with anything. It's the first time that I've experienced the fact that a disaster continues well after the media has stopped paying attention.

POTP to Nuka from us.

rottrover said...

Oh Nuka, we're so glad you ate! Keep it up!

Bart, Ruby and Otto

Jeanne Pursell said...

Oh my goodness Nuka...we are sending all kinds of healing vibes and good energies for you!! Please, please continue to eat the nourishment that your family is providing you!! xo Chloe and LadyBug

Ginger Jasper said...

Keep it up little one because you need the goodness. Glad you are feeling a little better. Hugs GJ x

Brian said...

Way to go Nuka, keep eating sweet one!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

We are sending healing bubbles to make you better,
I am glad the tramadol helps you- that is what I take tooo.
Get better my Nuka

meowmeowmans said...

Hi paws to you all, WDA. That was some great cheffing you did!

Way to go, sweet Nuka. Keep up that good eating, okay?


Random Felines said...

must be all the cooks in the kitchen!! Nuka we are sending purrs.....

Sagira said...

My momster had pancreatitis once and it was no fun. Sure hope Nuka feels better soon.