October 27, 2013

White Dog has a dinnertime rule that no food bowls can be surfed until the bowl's rightful owner is done or walks away from it. Oso is a very deliberate eater...one kibble at a time. He chews 30 times and savors the full flavor and taste. Not so much for Puff, YoYoMa or Taiko. They are chowhounds in every sense of the word and they are done eating in less than two minutes..

Once they have completed their meals, the three are free to circle and surf among themselves but they cannot enjoy the final licks and scents in Oso's bowl because he is still enjoying his meal. This leads to what WD has christened as "vulturing."

Vulturing is when the trio stand as close as possible to their littlest brother, literally breathing down his neck, in an attempt to hurry him along or bully him into walking away. Oso is pretty immune to the crowd gathered around him but Steve still stays in the kitchen to referee.
Think he's done NOW, dad?
Didn't think Oso would EVER finish!
The boys missed ALL kinds of tasty last licks!


Jo's World said...

This is too funny. Stella is what you describe as a chowhound,and she polishes her dish in about two minutes or less.

Zkhat is the Oso type eater. Its always interesting to see if Stella goes for Z's leftovers, and its a little water bowl and a little dish and this big fat mouth in it. She leaves more on the floor than in her mouth! Whatta pair!

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Jake of Florida said...

I love thinking abut this and imagining the patience involved on the part of the WD.

My two boyz were always fed in separate locations: one at Jake's
Dog Bar in our dining room;the other in JH's personal dining crate. Each left the other alone while they were eating. Sometimes Jake would even wait to see whether I was headed over to JH's crate with food before he would start digging into his own bowl. After the respective bowls were emptied, however, there would occasionally be retroactive sniffing by one or the other to be sure everything was in keeping with best management practices..

Ginger Jasper said...

I like that they wait until he is finished and walked away but glad that Steve stays just in case. Hugs GJ x

KB Bear said...

We have the same rule in our house, and also with close supervision like in your house. What a well behaved WDA, being so very patient!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

goshh,, i would say your all trained soooo good!