October 7, 2013

White Dog chuckled when Puff asked to put her t-shirt on last night because she was chilled on the bedtime walk; but this morning when Steve got up in his usual uber-early hours to work on homework she crawled into the warm space he had vacated and wiggled under the comforter.

It is becoming cold in the mornings. Cold enough for our hardy former backyard boy, Taiko, to have given up his habit of going out on the deck to sleep while Steve studied. Now he curls his tail over his nose as he shifts to find more comfort on his bed. YoYoMa still sleeps with his back pressed against the cool outside wall next to Steve's side of the bed but this morning when I looked to see why the blankets were being pulled off the bed, I found my Big Boy cuddling and rolled up in them.

Oso still dutifully gets up and supervises Steve but even he has a system to beat the early morning chill. He hunkers into the bed still nested in the closet where Quinn at one time loved to sleep. From there he watches Steve work and helps as needed. And then when the furnace kicks in, a surprise occurrence just two days ago and now a predawn ritual, clever Oso moves to the spot under my desk where the heat register is...and where he can still watch Steve, but with the added benefit of warm air wafting over him.

I worry that Nuka may be cold at night but so far she has shrugged off any efforts to enrobe or dress her. She seems to appreciate Oso in the middle of the night as he sleeps curled against her but doesn't fuss or change position when he gets up early. Still with her thinness, I worry.

Me, I am in the between seasons trauma of loving the cocoon of blankets to snuggle into and yet find myself rising in the night to also turn on the ceiling fan for its air circulation. I miss the wide open windows and natural currents yet I, too, have begun reaching for long sleeves and sweaters.

The only constant is Michael who is still wearing shorts although now in the mornings with ski gloves. Before too long I will need to gently remind him to shift wardrobes but for now he seems to have adapted.

And so the season changes.


Random Felines said...

yep....mom broke out more blankets here but our ceiling fan stays on all the time. :)

Brian said...

I know what you mean, it is getting close to snuggle season here!

Ginger Jasper said...

It is getting like that here too. Mum felt the cold in the night when on shift and I with my now very thin frame cuddle up much more. Mum worries about me too as I am really very thin under all my fur. I am glad you all snuggle together as that sounds like bliss.. Hugs GJ x