November 10, 2013

White Dog sniffed the air then curled back into her comfy position on the sofa. "One of my favorite things about this time of year is how good the house always smells. You and dad seem to always be baking or simmering something that sends delicious aromas all through our home."

She was joined by Taiko. "I enjoy coming back in through the dog door when the smells hit me again like I am smelling them for the first time. Just makes me want to go out to the kitchen and see what's cooking."

"Yes," YoYoMa agreed. "That Moroccan spiced turkey and pumpkin stew you made for the Board luncheon made my mouth water. It smelled exotic and enticing. I hope you humans left a taste for us." "If you go out to the kitchen where Puff and Oso are helping dad, I think he is putting little bits of the pumpkin and the turkey chunks in the White Dog Army's bowls." Yo was out in the kitchen in a flash.

Tonight wasn't exotic but the WDA LOVES pork ribs, especially when they get a raw bone to gnaw on (under supervision, of course) while Steve and I enjoy ours slow roasted and sauced. The house DID smell homey and autumnal. And while we ate, an apple cranberry crisp bubbled to doneness in the oven...sending out a fruity sweet scent.

It was hard to patiently wait for it to cool, but the second we could hold it on our tongues without searing ourselves, Steve served up dainty cups topped with a melting creamy dollop of vanilla ice cream. The WDA swooned. Bella, our newest girl, nuzzled up next to YoYoMa and said, "This is like it is EVERY Sunday? Really? I guess it is time to finish unpacking my bag and to hang my photos, I am here to stay!"

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