November 12, 2013

White Dog was resting next to me as I worked on the computer. YoYoMa was comfortably curled up in the open crate. The rest of the White Dog Army was scattered in the living room and favorite spots taking  post jerky naps. Tiny White Dog slept soundly behind the Watching Chair in what was previous the sole domain of WD...

..or so we thought. Her tags shaking and the taptaptaptaptap of her gait told us she was on the move. She scampered into the office and headed for the crate, then pulled up short at finding her brother in there. She sat in front of the haven for a moment and YAWD showed no inclination to move. Bella pranced in a small impatient circle. Still no response from the VERY comfortable Big Boy. 

This did not sit well with our Little Mouse That Roars. She moved close enough to put her two front paws on the crate's cushion and let out a territorial growl. Yo looked up. Emboldened, the littlest White Dog bullied her way forward into his face barking "GET OUT!" 

YoYoMa thought for a second about the silliness of the situation considering his size advantage but I proudly watched him take the high road as he stood and walked out of the room. Bella curled up in the warm spot he had left.

White Dog's position next to me had her tail end resting against the outside of the crate. Flush with victory, Bella growled at WD who lifted her head and regally looked at the upstart. Then Bella crossed the line. She nipped at White Dog's tail furs that feathered through the wirework!

No harm was done but WD was NOT amused and decided that it was time to begin manners training for the new recruit. I stopped working should an intervention be needed but stood back to watch the lesson play out.

White Dog stood, stretched slowly, her magnificent furs rippling, and fluidly moved into the crate. I held my breath but it was unnecessary; White Dog is a clever and fair leader. At the front of the crate, WD positioned her body crosswise to the exit and gracefully laid down with her back to Bella taking up most of the crate space. Bella was trapped behind WD.

Tiny White Dog took a minute to think the scenario through...she IS a smart girl. Wouldn't be prudent to pick a fight when you have no escape route. Plus Bella already clearly understands WD's position in the Army.

She tried a few low-throated demands, which WD ignored. TWD tried whimpering; also ignored. Bella laid down and was silent. White Dog kept her trapped for nearly 15 minutes before just as nonchalantly getting up, walking over to the drinking bowl and taking a long drink. Miss Bella saw her opportunity and ran for the closet sanctuary. 

Lesson delivered, White Dog went out to join YoYoMa in the living room. Bella, chastised, slept on the fur rug in the closet. 


KB Bear said...

Good job, WD! It's rare to see such a clear lesson delivered and received among a group of dogs. Very interesting....

rottrover said...

I love watching the dynamics of a new pack member play out!

Jeanne Pursell said...

It really is very interesting watching all of the dynamics when a new family member is added!! xo Chloe and LadyBug