November 23, 2013

White Dog and the rest of the White Dog Army watched Steve escape to work. Again, it was grey and foreboding. The winds made the trees shiver and the street signs creak. It was NOT going to be a happy day...especially since this was Day Four of weather funk.

I felt six pairs of eyes turn to me. I tried to ignore them but the WDA moved to form a circle around me. I actually flinched when White Dog jumped at me to scramble up to her place on my chair. "Darn weather has us all in knots," I mumbled. They were all still staring. "I don't know. I am out of ideas, too. Bored. Restless. Tired of the stuck inside routine of napping and eating. Just like all of you. Want to listen to music REALLY loud and get wasted on..." Here I threw open the hall closet which in another era served as a liquor cabinet....mmmm...."we have a teeny bit of tequila," I continued holding up a bottle containing maybe two shots. "or how about..." I reached way back to the depths of the closet and pulled out a fancy bright green bottle..."something that is really icky liqueur-ish that I think someone gave us as a gift." I opened the stopper. "Smells like cough medicine with fake lime."

There appeared to be no interest in becoming hellions just for one day. In fact, my White Ones were trying to figure out how to call Steve to warn him that I was going over the edge.

"How about if we all go lie on the bed and watch Spanish game shows on Univision? I know none of us really speaks the language but we could make up our own dialog." White Dog ran to hop on the bed, but gracefully continued past through the dog door when she realized no other pup had joined her excitement. She returned, dignity intact, to give me a look.

"No one else has any ideas," I said. "Don't look at me like that. How about playing dress up? We can raid dad's wardrobe and when he gets home you can all be wearing ties and crazy socks." Bella crawled under my chair and Taiko walked away (I heard him adjusting the blankets in his bed).

I looked at Puff, YoYoMa and WD (Oso was snoring at my feet). "We have enough for a foursome. Should I look up the rules? We could learn to play Bridge. They used to do that all of the time in my grandma's time. Could spend an entire evening with just a deck of cards. It was a swell thing to do...VERY sophisticated."

Puff and Yo had moved to the hearth and were comfortably curled together. "Just you and me, Little White Dog of My Heart. How about it? Univision Sabado Gigante?" I could tell she was tempted but in the end she, too, ended up snuggling into the pillows and tucking her nose under her tail.

"None of you know what you are missing," I said as I wrapped the afghan around me and adjusted a pillow next to WD.


Brian said...

I hope you get that bridge built!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Sometimes - just rest and dream