November 25, 2013

White Dog had her head cocked and was listening. I felt her attentiveness rather than saw it until she uttered a gentle "woof" in response to Puff's cough coming from the office. Steve was in there doing schoolwork and was miserable with his own dripping throat and full sinuses. Taiko was with them and had earlier been kind of wheezy.

"Sounds like we are developing a sickies ward," WD said to me. "At least Oso seems like he is pretty much back to eating normally and that the confusion fog is lifting."

"The break in the weather has helped Oso," I replied, "but I fear the cold and damp is not good for Puff." I went into the kitchen and turned on the tea kettle. "Dad has been having more lung-y issues as well. He asked the human vet to renew his inhaler prescription and he has not needed that in years!" I poured hot water over the tea and carried the mug into the Steve.

"White Dog and I think Puff needs some time in the oxygen kennel," I encouraged as I handed him the tea and swept used tissues into the wastebasket. I shook my head as WD looked longingly at the container.  "I'd rather build her up before an issue develops than medicate to fix a problem." He agreed. "I am going to be working in here for a couple of hours anyway, so let's use that time with Puff getting O2."

White Dog cleared her throat and looked at Taiko. "Oh, and let's keep an eye on him. If the wheezing gets worse or develops into coughing we will need to do something. Don't want a houseful of sickies if we can avoid it."

With that White Dog and I went back to the living room. YoYoMa left his stretched out position on the hearth and joined us. "Maybe those of us who are still healthy ought to take a preventative approach," he suggested. "Like extra rations to keep up our strength and Vitamin J to provide super defenses" I patted my Big Boy's head. "It always comes down to treats and meals, doesn't it? What is Vitamin J, pray tell?' The last I asked despite WD wildly gesturing that I should just ignore him.

"Jerky, of course," Yo replied. "Duck jerky has healing powers that have been charted through the centuries. Keeps away all manner of sickies. EVERY PUP knows that!"


Jeanne Pursell said...

That sounds REALLY good to us!! Duck Jerky is a great cure-all!! xo Chloe and LadyBug

Ginger Jasper said...

I hope both Steve and the WDA are soon all feeling much better. I bet that duck jersey helps a lot though. Enjoy xx

Random Felines said...

we think vitamin J is a great idea and hope everyone is feeling better soon. we got kitten snot here that seems like it may never leave!

Jo's World said...

Get well, all of you pups and peeps!

I am gonna go look for some Vitamin J today!

Your pal,Stella

Brian said...

I hope Puff feels all better soon!

Anonymous said...

oh I am sure everyone will feel better soon...hope Puff liked the O2