November 27, 2013

White Dog was the first at the door when Steve suggested that the entire White Dog Army might want to go out for a car ride to run some errands. She only nosed out Puff by a nanosecond who was nearly run over by YoYoMa. Bella paced around the perimeter making little chirping noises.

Steve harnessed everyone up and looked around for Taiko...he was out in the yard taking care of business. As soon as nature permitted the Tender One bounded in to get ready to ride. Oso was not so sure he wanted to give up his nap, but decided he didn't need to...he would just go along and nap in the car.

We made a few stops to drop off Thanksgiving greetings and waited in the car while Steve battled the throngs in the grocery to pick up a few items still needed for tomorrow's feast. The WDA anticipated a long wait since absolutely EVERY spot in the parking lot was filled but Steve with his three item list easily zoomed through the crowd. The shoppers in holiday spirit, moved him to the front of the line ahead of their carts overbrimming with food items.

It was past lunch and duck jerky time. And soon Steve had to leave for class. "Special Thanksgiving Eve Treat," he announced as he pulled Pumpkin into Sonic. The WDA rushed to peer out of windows to read the menu; tails wagged as each called out their favorites. Bella was wide-eyed and a little confused.

"I don't think she's ever been to the drive-in," White Dog told me. "You will probably have to help her order." Steve pushed the "Order" button and the Army began to shout their orders. "Let me do the ordering please," he requested. "Trust me, you will all be VERY happy."

The server skated over to the window with our bags and was amused when the back window rolled down to reveal Steve sitting with Puff and the rest of the WDA waiting somewhat patiently. "Enjoy your treat," she told the Army as she skated off.

WD had moved to the driver's seat and our Tiny Dancer was allowed to wait in the co-pilot's chair. Oso was sound asleep on the way back seat but the others surrounded Steve in anticipation. As he began to open the bag, White Dog stopped him.

"These cheeseburgers are dedicated to our Angel Friend Pip, whose family just adopted a new Yorkie Poo named Ruby. May she grow to love the ultimate food as much as her brother did!" There were WOOFS of agreement. Steve divided the divine smelling burgers into pieces and began distributing to the WDA; I got a half burger for WD and Bella to share.

At first Miss Bella B was a bit tentative, daintily nibbling at the patty and then eating each piece of bun. It didn't take long before she had her head in the bag on my lap which contained my popcorn chicken. "Ummm, Little One? The burger is for you, that is MY lunch." She knew like the entire Army did that I would offer bites to everyone...and that they would also get a taste of Steve's meal. We saved bites for Oso for when we got home and he was awake.

As Steve carried our new girl into the house and took off her harness, she looked him in the eye and said, "You know, car rides are pretty fun." Then she lept out of his arms and ran behind the chair.


Brian said...

Happy Thanksgiving and dear friends!

Jo's World said...

May the WDA always have such a wonderful feast day!

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Kari in Alaska said...

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your feast

Stop on by for a visit

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy Mates, these are the posts we love to read. Everybuddy feeling good and sharing the love! Take care all.
No worries, and love, Stella and Rory