December 14, 2013

White Dog complained, "It takes longer and longer to get you organized and packed for when you go out to spread the word about Paws To People and getting rid of the c monster forever." She spoke from the couch as she surveyed the stacks of things being organized to go out to the car. There were the ornaments and trimmings for the Tree of Positive Thoughts. Steve's camera lights and gear. The P2P information about who we are and the promise comparative research holds. The candles and stocking stuffers for sale. the bake sale items...AND the homemade dog treats, pumpkin maple and beefy oatmeal veggie (these were receiving special protection from The White Dog Army supervisors). Steve still had items not yet checked off...like extension cords and the ladder.

Sunday was our Christmas Calibration Station at a local pet supply store who has been a generous supporter since we began our fight to end cancer. As a fundraiser we turned the sidewalk outside of the store into a place to step outside of the holiday hectic-ness for a few minutes, de-stress and re-calibrate back to the important things about the holiday...sharing, laughter, good thoughts, positive actions.

What better way to take a deep breath than to sit and listen to live music while eating homemade treats and sipping hot chocolate (with real whipped cream), writing a message of hope or peace on an ornament and hanging it on our tree, spending some time with others and their pups sharing stories and taking photos?

But to make that magic happen on Sunday, we needed to assemble the things on our list and pack everything into our car tonight. White Dog had the Army double check Steve's list against what was gathered. She then double-double checked and highlighted the few items that Steve would wait until morning to nab out of the storage shed. She and Puff followed Steve out to the van and sat on the front seats as Steve loaded up the back of the van.

When they came back in, the report was that all was packed and that Steve was indeed the master at making way more stuff fit into the vehicle than anyone could think possible. All three complained about the cold.

"Paws crossed that tomorrow is warmer," I encouraged, "but it seems we have done all we can do for tonight!" "Does that mean," Oso asked, "that we can go cuddle now and have treats?" "Yes, the pumpkin ones you made," Puff agreed. "We can cuddle and have treats, but not the pumpkin ones," I said and instantly got evil glares from the WDA. "Why not those," WD demanded. "Because those are now in the van, packaged for sale at the the Calibration Station," Steve responded.

"I suppose it would not be nice to hope they don't sell," YoYoMa muttered. "Let's hope they sell out," I told him, "then Monday I will make a fresh batch just for my beautiful White Ones. Positive thoughts, Big Boy. Please, positive thoughts."


Agnes B. Bullock said...

Hope today went perfectly!

FiveSibesMom said...

Wishing your event much success! You do such wonderful work...and I love the idea of the Tree of Positive Thoughts. Sending a bunch your way for you, Steve, and the entire WDA!

rottrover said...

Hoping all went smoothly!

Sagira said...

You guys have the biggest hearts and do so much good. I wish we lived closer and could do things together.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

We hope the day was a good day!
Positive thoughts!

Kari in Alaska said...

hope it went well!

Stop on by for a visit