December 16, 2013

White Dog gathered the White Dog Army around. They were writing a letter to Santa. A little worried over comments that the white-bearded old man had seen some of their not so nice antics of late, the WDA wanted to make sure they were not forgotten on Christmas morning.

“ Dear Santa, “ White Dog began, “The WDA is writing a single letter to save to time because we know this is a VERY busy season for you. In general, we are considerate like that. You might have received a couple of reports recently about  our pack not quite being stellar members of the “Nice” club, but we beg extenuating circumstances…the weather has been extremely uncooperative, mom and dad have been too busy to devote their full attention to us, and well, we are still trying to work out some of the little kinks of losing Quinn and Nuka and adding Taiko and Bella (you know, different personalities and expectations, pack order and such). We hope you will check your record across the entire year and see that the WDA spends lots of time helping others and fighting against the evil c monster…”

Puff interrupted. “Momma says we should never brag about the work we do. It should speak for itself; if we have to point it out…it doesn’t count.”

WD looked at her, thought for a moment, and backspaced to amend her letter. “We hope your record of the entire year shows our REAL nature.”

“We don’t ask for much,” she continued and everypup crowded to read over her shoulder. “A couple of bags of duck jerky would be nice; a case even better.”

Taiko asked, “What is wrong with the jerky we already have? Why should we ask for what we already get everyday?”

WD crossed out the request.

“ Bella and Puff could use some warm sweaters.” WD typed. “Well, actually I have four sweaters and a coat that serve me quite well,” Puff interrupted. “And I am not sure I even LIKE sweaters,” Bella added.

WD replaced that line with, “Oso needs boots to keep his feet dry; they get cold and wet when he walks in his water bowl.” “How do I bathe my feet,” Oso asked, “if they are covered up in boots? Walking in my water feels good and I am not sure I would want to cover them up.”

White Dog sighed. “Can we at least agree to ask for special holiday food and treats?” she asked. YoYoMa woofed what everyone else was already thinking, “Momma just made us our own Pumpkin cookies, dad cooks special meals for us every night, and whenever we celebrate we all share what is served!”

White Dog sat back on her haunches and closed her eyes in thought. The rest of the WDA hoped they had not made her mad. After a few minutes her tail started wagging and she smiled as she typed.

“Santa, we really don’t need anything. We have a warm, loving home and people who take care of us and respect us. We have healthy food and are pampered with treats of the highest quality. We sleep in comfortable beds and are dressed warmly when we are cold. We are cuddled and snuggled and kissed and hugged. We go for rides. We are a family. Our lives are good. REALLY good. And I don’t think you can fit anything into your sack that will make it better.”

She wrote, “What we DO want for Christmas, Santa, is this, for every creature, four- and two-legged to have what we have. To know safety and a home and a full tummy and wonderful friends. To feel special and know the world is good and full of wonder and magic. That is truly what we want.

“Thank you for considering our request and we know you will do your best. Know that we remain your most ardent fans,

Then each of the White Dog Army applied their paw print to the letter…White Dog, Still Another White Dog, Yet Another White Dog, Oh Another White Dog, Oh Yes! Another White Dog, and Tiny White Dog.

We know it is a big request to fill, but we have hope…


Random Felines said...

that is an EXCELLENT Christmas letter and wish....we hope for the same thing (ok and maybe a little catnip)

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

I think that is the best request ever and I also wish that could come true. You are special dos indeed. Hugs Carol

meowmeowmans said...

Aw, White Dog Army, now you made me go and get a tear in my eye. That is such a beautiful Christmas wish. And it's what we wish for, too. :)

Hugs to you all, dear ones.

Kari in Alaska said...

That is a great Christmas letter

Stop on by for a visit

Sagira said...

That is a great Christmas wish, wishing one day it comes true.

Brian said...

I agree, that is the best letter to Santa ever!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

WD is very wise. We are sure Santa will do his best AND also find a way to reward all of you with something nice too.

Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

WD is very wise. We are sure Santa will do his best AND also find a way to reward all of you with something nice too.

Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

Jo's World said...

You guys know I lived in the slammer for a long, long time. I learned to live with other dogs and cats, and while it wasn't a real home, the people there were good to me, we got regular eats and time to be outdoors. I got sort of sad after while thinking I wish I had my own people. And I did, I got my own Mom and she loves me. But for a dog who lives in a cold back yard, tied to a tree or chained to a fence, a good shelter is a good home until they can find another. While I wish for every dog to have his or her own home, if it can't be, I wish for them to be safe, dry, fed, and warm until they find their own people. To live in a shelter where they will have some comforts, and staff who works at finding them homes. That is my wish to Santy Claws.

Stella and Zkhat too

Wyatt said...

Santa is a pretty great fella. We know he will consider your letter and your unselfish request.

Wyatt and Stanzie