December 21, 2013

White Dog's birthday eve, it is
And The White Dog Army is very bizzzz

Making carrots into cake
to top with frosting when it's baked

We're wrapping gifts and hiding treats
and doing all kinds of clean up feats

Momma and WD are working on Christmas
While we sneak around to make ready Siku-mas

Our poster is ready announcing the blankies
The blog is written, get ready your hankies

We're hoping tomorrow to see you all here
To celebrate and comment and share the good cheer!

Remember the day is a Comment-A-Thon
Bring friends and leave words to help rescues, come on!


Sagira said...

Sounds like a great day. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

holly and the huskies said...

Have a Happy and Wonderful Day! We wish you many more too!
Holly and the huskies in NY