January 20, 2014

White Dog and the White Dog Army love heroes. We get chills when we see stories of some one stepping outside of his or her comfort zone to help another in need. Like the firefighters who crawled out onto breaking ice to rescue a pup who had fallen through. We wag with delight when we read of the teenaged ice cream shop manager who asked a woman to leave after she refused to return the $20 change a blind patron had dropped...and when she refused, he replaced the lost money to the sightless man from his own wallet (without telling, of course). We get teary at the generous spirit of our community who today donated 433 pairs of shoes to the Paws To People Fundraising Shoe Drive.

We love heroes. We love when people (two- and four-legged) join together to make miracles happen...to right a wrong...to change the world. We love when people understand that just a moment's time out of their every day lives makes a difference...and then who take that time to reach out their hands.

This is the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. THIS is what we celebrate today. His shining example to be more to be brave to stand tall to care is as powerful an inspiration today as ever. He was not a saint, he was a man and a radical and he risked much to be a voice for those without one. Maybe we need more of that today...people who hold their fear in check as they advocate for fairness and equality, who demand justice for all, who have fire in their hearts.

The WDA and I are blessed to be a part of this community where so many are involved in rescue and causes and are committed to helping neighbors in need. In many ways, we are singing to the choir. But as we honor the memory of a man who helped shape the way I, and consequently the White Dogs, think, we want you to know that we honor you as well.

Dr. King asked the question that need not be asked here, within our family of nurturers and compassionate caring hearts, who go about the daily routine of helping where they can without the spotlight shining over them. He said, " Life's most persistent and urgent questions is 'What are you doing for others?'

The answer from so many voices in our world is, simply, "Whatever we can."

We love heroes. In memory of a great man, Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday!


Wyatt said...

Happy Birthday MLK! What a great dream!

Bailey Be Good! said...

So sorry to read about your recent bout with mites! They look like scary little buggers! I hope they're gone for GOOD!

Wishing you lots of woofs & huggies, and hope you have a WONDERFUL week! We're thinking of you! <3

~Bailey & Nala (Yep, we're girls!)

Brian said...

You just never know where the next hero will come frim.

meowmeowmans said...

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, dear WDA.