January 12, 2014

White Dog and the rest of the White Dog Army were disappointed that this morning's meeting of the Paws To People Board of Directors had to be moved because of the quarantine. On the other hand, the past three days of baths, meds, cleaning, and disruption has left the WDA stressed and in need of "down" time so the idea of a nice post breakfast nap as they awaited our return was met with enthusiasm.

When we got home a few hours later, we discovered the White Ones still comfortably zonked out...with no scratching or noises of itching. It was marvelous to behold. The house had a fresh scrubbed smell of citrus and cleaning potions. For the first time in days I felt encouraged that we might actually succeed in our Mite-y battle.

White Dog opened an eye. "I don't think the house has EVER been this clean, no offense momma!" I looked at her with that "don't start" glare. "Who wants jerky," I called out to change the subject and instantly I was surrounded by floofy white, all fresh from recent baths, wide awake and ready for treats.

As I doled out strips of duck, we promised that the rest of the day would be spent together, not even thinking of creepy crawlies or cleanup. Steve lit some candles and turned on some music and together we cuddled sipping tea, admiring the sunset and watching the night slowly stretch across the room.

And for that time all was orderly again.

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haopee said...

Well, great to hear that the creepy crawlies battle is in the bag. Hope they all get obliterated...