January 23, 2014

White Dog and I gasped simultaneously. Puff had just joined us in the office and nestled her head into the palm of my hand asking for attention. I caressed her, reaching down as I continued to keyboard. Her muzzle was wet. That is not what caused the alarm; it was White Dog's quick bark that turned into a low-throated growl.

I turned to look down and noticed before I even saw Puff that my palm was wet with redness. WD moved closer as I quickly snatched Still Another White Dog into my arms, my heart suddenly pounding. My little girl was bleeding from her mouth...lots!

I rolled back her gums as she struggled, jaws clamped shut. "Open up, Puff! I have GOT to see!" She bucked and twisted and WD issued stern orders for her to be still...this brought the rest of the White Dog Army into the room.

Finally, I got her jaws open and something clattered to my desk. It was a piece of the tube part of an ink cartridge for my pen. I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief and hugged the still struggling Puff close as I told the others, "false alarm...all is ok."

Puff becomes a chewing maniac as she begins to go into heat. Because of her heart and pulmonary issues (and age) we made the decision not to spay her under Dr. Julia's advice. During this time, she eviscerates stuffies and destroys the squeakers; she will steal any piece of cardboard that she can reach and shreds it. My little waste bag that hangs on my cart is not safe from her prying investigations...and that is where she discovered my used cartridge.

I have a favorite type of pen that requires old fashioned ink cartridges. I like them because they are refillable and more environmentally friendly. They have metal bodies and have a good feel...essential for someone who loves the process of writing. One contains black ink; the other for making notes on research articles or editing is red. It was the red cartridge that created the pandemonium.

Dracu Puff did NOT like the process of being cleaned up and cooperated not at all. She did NOT like White Dog's reprimand for nearly giving momma a heart attack. She especially did NOT like having her prize taken. What she DID like was after all of the cleanup and return to normal breathing, every pup received a treat just because we all deserved a "little something" better than plastic and ink.

P.S. Steve has ventured into the blogging world with his own blog, "Yearly Gratitude," each day describing a piece of his life for which he is thankful. It is filled with insight, information, and some surprising choices. The White Dog Army would appreciate it if you visit and leave a comment: www.yearlygratitude.wordpress.com Thank you.


rottrover said...

OH! What a relief!

Brian said...

That scared us when we started reading too!

bbes tribe said...

That was scary. Glad it turned out to not be not too serious. We really enjoy visiting and reading your WDA adventures. Thanks.
Ernie and the crew...oh and mom Barb

nancyturtle said...

Eating ink of any color doesn't seem like a good idea. Those darn hormones!
I'm excited to check out Steve's blog!

KB Bear said...

I'm glad that Puff is okay! I've never lived with an intact female dog. We waited as long as we could before spaying Shyla (it's supposed to be better for their health). I made it 18 months before spaying her - and believe it or not, she still hadn't had her first heat! I consider myself lucky.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Thank goodness this all turned out okay and the cartridge was not swallowed. How scary that is, when you suspicion something is in the mouth- and there is!