January 25, 2014

White Dog and The White Dog Army are majorly over being quarantined. They no longer itch; their skin samples are clean; and the house has been spotlessly remediated. But there is still one more week remaining until we can be absolutely certain that all of the egg hatch cycles are past. Yes, we did bend the rules earlier in the week to bring Oso to my presentation, but he was around no other dogs, had been the least affected by the mites, and at the presentation remained with Steve the entire time...I mention this because I have, since, heard at least 6 billion times..."OSO got to break out!"

The WDA is bored and not excited by any of the suggestions, games, or training opportunities Steve and I present. At best we get to pet and play for a few minutes before receiving a big yawn and a request for a treat, then some dog walks away in search of a comfy place to dream of more exciting adventures.

That is why Oso and I were excited when we went looking for the Army. We found them the yard. White Dog, YoYoMa, Puff, Taiko and Bella were all out there, tails wagging and hunched down in anticipation. Curious, Oso and I sat on the bed to watch the action invisible through the doors to the deck.

Our gusty winds had blown a white plastic bag into the yard and kept lifting it like a balloon and blowing it across the yard. The White Ones surged forward each time the bag took flight, chasing and barking. No one was quite brave enough to pounce on it, so the the bag would seem to land, then skitter across the space as it regained altitude. The White Dogs pushed and shoved each other to gain advantage on the "prey." They fanned out to surround the invader. Bella and Siku leaped as the bag took off. It was joyful play, much needed to break the monotony.

It took some time but eventually the bag was blown into the tree and got tangled there. The WDA gathered around the base looking up, joining their telepathic forces to will it back into action. Slowly they realized the moment had passed and they made their way back inside, where Oso and I waited with a special round of treats.

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Jo's World said...

We have big winds a lot of the time and Stella gets great joy out of chasing the grocery plastic bags that fly around. It would be fun to see your big gang do the same!