January 27, 2014

White Dog just shook her head. "Puff is becoming one crazy old lady!" she said, "I know you think she is all precious and cute curled up next to you. You probably even think she is napping. The truth is she has been lying there quietly chewing the fringe off of your afghan."

"Hey!" I looked down at Puff. Her head bounced up as she tried to quickly swallow the mouthful of red and black yarn that hung out of her mouth like worms. She scampered off and I heard the dog door bang.

My 15 year old feisty little lady is going into heat and for some reason (maybe dietary) this has become the season of destruction. On one hand it is great to see my girl experience some of the mischievousness of a puppyhood she was denied as a puppy mill breeder; but the other hand wants to throw itself into the air accompanied by a "Really? Act your age!"

Steve has had to remove our stash of posterboard and cardboard backing from behind the wardrobe in the office because our determined SAWD was able to stretch her paw in just far enough to make the sheet tip out far enough for her to grab and gnaw. Some of the sheets are missing huge chunks of their corners as a result of her shredding work.

I went out to the kitchen this afternoon to find the floor of the pantry littered with scraps of paper.  It took a little looking around before I discovered the jars and cans stored on the bottom shelf  had missing or partially munched labels. No mistaking whose work this was...like the "Z" of Zorro's sword we KNEW the culprit.

Taiko's bed contained the remains of a toy, a loofah dog, that was buried at the very deepest bottom of the toy basket. Not even YoYoMa had found it in the years he has sorted through the collection. Taiko does not play with toys. But some small Kansas girl on a hormonal surge pranced out with bits of stuffing stuck to her face...hmmmm.

Steve has had to move both the paper recyclables and the paper grocery bags to higher ground for their own safety. And even moved up, I am not sure their safety is guaranteed.

Michael thought it was sweet that Puff was so glad to see him that she was licking his shoe laces. "Make sure she is greeting you, not eating you," White Dog advised. Sure enough...

"Look at the bright side," White Dog told me, "a diet of cardboard and paper and fabric is LOTS cheaper than our normal meals. Think of the savings!" "Don't be a brat. Ingesting those things is not good for her, I hope it is just a phase that will not last much longer."

"Don't envy dad's task on tonight's walk. Imagine trying to keep the little vacuum from sucking up dog knows what from the street." "Thanks a lot, Baby Girl. "


KB Bear said...

Puff sure sounds like a handful right now! I hope she gets back to normal soon. Do older dogs go through menopause?

meowmeowmans said...

Poor Puff, and poor YOU! That sounds like quite a crazy phase, and we hope it ends very soon. Hugs to you all, dear friends.

Wyatt said...

Hey, was Puff over at our house? We have a couple of blankets on the master bed that have some sections missing......Silly Puff!


Amber DaWeenie said...

OMD....Puff, you little devil!


Random Felines said...

oh my - we aren't sure the high fiber diet is the way to go Puff :)

Jacqueline said...

Aww, we hope darling Puff feels like her normal self real soon!...We hope everyone is doing well...Happy Wednesday, sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

haopee said...

P is for Puff...Onward Whitedog, YoYo, Taiko, Oso, Blitzen and all the other reindeers! I think I've missed a couple of reindeer-esky drones... where are you guys?