February 14, 2014

White Dog's Gotcha Day began with funnel cakes that Steve made in the shape of the initial of each of the White Dogs. WD's "S" was studded with bits of blueberry and drizzled with a touch of honey...just as she likes.

After breakfast the WDA harnessed up and headed for Pumpkin, we had things to do and places to see. We spent some time visiting stores and businesses in our community to ask for their help in spreading the word about next week's My Dog and Me Blood Drive. WD is a skilled and charming spokesperson and in tandem with Steve, they are irresistible. We managed to make short work of distributing the remaining posters and fliers. There were High Paws all around as we headed for the Park.

Mid-day on a work/school day meant the Park was deserted...much to the Army's delight! WD ran zoomies the length of the open field and the others stretched their legs on the reawakening grass. Bella and Taiko turned out to be a great pair for this outing. Taiko is not super fast, he heals well, and set a good pace for Miss Bee. In fact, she did so well that we are going to begin including her on nightly walks.
Taiko (in orange) and Bella march in perfect unison...surprisingly.
What are Puff (above) and YoYoMa looking at? White Dog flowing across the grass in the most beautiful of zoomies.
Next stop was frozen yogurt with mix-ins. White Dog and Bella shared a WD favorite, coconut frozen yogurt with coconut flakes on top and sliced strawberries on the side. The others shared pistachio with kiwi, bananas, and coconut.

At one of our favorite pet stores, Lisa gave out valentine treat bags to the entire WDA. Steve pointed out that they had just finished treats and despite the pleading of 5 sad pairs of Eskie eyes insisted that the bags be saved for later.

Oso had found a perfectly comfortable spot against the side of the van, out of every one's way and let the movement lull him into a deep sleep. He awoke when we pulled back into the driveway at home.

All were ready for naps once we got home and the duck jerky toll was paid. Oso agreed to keep watch since he had rested...until he saw that Steve had space on the couch for one little man to curl into. White Dog was awakened by the clink of the mail flap as the postman left her a very special gift from certain perfect gentleman Eskie who has wooed her from Atlanta.

As per her request, White Dog and the WDA dined on buffalo steaks, grass-fed, VERY rare, and mixed garden vegetables. Dessert was set aside (with promises to have it the next day) to make room for a good after dinner chew...fresh beef bones from the butcher. Each of the White Ones made a gracious speech in tribute of their leader. (I must admit being worried ahead of this when Yo asked what rhymed with "bossy.")

Skilled professionals that they are, the WDA even mustered enthusiasm for a brisk pre-bed time walk, although Steve said he felt like a waddling overstuffed bear. Cuddling all together before lights out, White Dog squeezed between Steve and I after nuzzling the noses of YoYoMa, Puff, Oso, Taiko, and Bella. "Family," she said sleepily, "thank you for making my world so perfect. I am blessed to have Gotcha you all."


rottrover said...

We are all blessed, aren't we, Siku?

Bart, Ruby and Otto

Jeanne Pursell said...

What an AWESOME Day!! Happy Gotcha Day!! And a good time was had by all!! xo Chloe and LadyBug

Brian said...

Now that is just the way a special Gotcha Day should be!!!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Sounds like a pawfect day for the princess to enjoy her Gotcha Day.

Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Sounds perfect to me. Treats walks and spreading the word. Plus togetherness. A perfect Gotcha day. x

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Wow, your doggie pack sounds like fun! What a fun day. I'm so glad you received my special heart for you. I hope it is the correct color. I ask for it to be a special color just for you.
Sally Ann says hi.
Your beloved,

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Sweetest Andy,
The special Heart rests next to my beating heart. It is the perfect color. I am a classic girl in my tastes...sort of a formal black and white person. Your choice was just right. We have some photos that we will post soon and I am sending you my answer and a reminder of me.