February 21, 2014

White Dog cleared her throat and the White Dog Army fell back clearing a path for her to sniff the package that was laying on the chair.  "It is from our good friends at Dachsies with Moxie," she informed them and then turned to me. "Well, aren't we going to open it?"

The White Dog Army crowded forward again, sniffing madly and throwing out guesses about what the small box held. I had to raise my arms to see over White floofy heads as I opened first the box and then the lovely colored tissue paper inside.

I clapped by hands in delight. "These are very special gifts for Taiko and Bella," I told them. "White Dog, perhaps you should do the honors." First we called Taiko forward. He come head lowered worried that he was somehow in trouble.

"Taiko the Tender Heart, Oh YES! Another White Dog, this is your official bandana of the White Dog Army. It is a heart gift handmade by WHN and sent by our wonderful friends so that whenever the WDA appears in public, all see you know you are one of us."  He stood stock still as we tied on his scarf.
Then we went quietly into the office where Bella had scampered and called her out. "We have a special surprise for you Tiny White Dog, Bella E. Premuroso." WD told her. "You, too now have an official badge of honor to call your own. It is a reminder to you and all who see you of the White Dog Army and our mission to fight the horrible diseases that take too many too soon."

Bella squirmed and looked unsure. "Do not worry, little sister, I am confident that you are worthy to wear this scarf and will do us proud."
These marvelous gifts for Taiko and Bella could not have come at a more opportune moment. Saturday the White Dog Army will be at the My Dog and Me Blood Drive to cheer on the human and dog heroes who donate blood. None of the WDA meets the weight or age limitations to give blood, but they will be there to support and give thanks to those who come out.

And now, all of the WDA will be readily identifiable for those who ask us, "How can you tell them apart, they all look alike?" You know, a white dog is a white dog is a white dog...NOT!


Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Oh my how very smart. What lovely presents. You will all look magnificent at the blood drive. Special indeed.

Brian said...

Those are mighty fine and are such a nice gift!