February 26, 2014

White Dog and The White Dog Army
Wonderful World Wednesday

White Dog and the entire White Dog Army have an incredible amount of respect and gratitude for First Responders like police, fire fighters, and EMTs. These amazing men and women regularly put their personal safety aside to intervene in crises that would leave members of their community hurting and at a loss. Because of their routine selfless bravery our world is more secure, safer, and filled with the comfort of knowing that help is within reach.

In the eyes of the WDA, First Responders are heroes who deserve recognition for what they do. In huge catastrophes such as tornadoes or forest fires, we can all see their incredible efforts in the media coverage such disasters attract. But every day across the country, there are smaller, less noticed moments where a First Responder goes above and beyond to make the world more wonderful in his community.

We would like to share the story of one such local hero, a New Jersey policeman who put himself at risk to save the residents of a local pet store…

Officer Rafael Burgos rescued animals from the Pet Center in Franklin, N.J. when a fire broke out in the building.
Cop Rescues Animals From Burning Pet Shop: The officer is recovering from smoke inhalation

A New Jersey police officer is recovering from smoke inhalation after rescuing animals from a pet shop fire, officials say. 
The fire at Pet Center on State Highway 23 in Franklin, N.J. was reported at about 9 a.m. Tuesday, and officers Rafael Burgos and Jeffrey Korger were among the first responders on the scene, according to the Franklin Borough Police Department.
Burgos rescued all the pets inside the building as other officers evacuated nearby businesses, police said. 
Firefighters were able to put out the fire, and investigators say the blaze appears to be related to an electrical issue. 
Burgos is receiving medical attention for smoke inhalation, police said. No one else was injured. 
A local veterinary hospital is helping to temporarily care for the displaced pets. 


Tweedles -- that's me said...

We say they are hero's too

Komal Sharma said...

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Jeanne Pursell said...

Definitely a hero!! We also have great respect for those first responders. Many of our relatives are policemen.

bbes tribe said...

Definitely a hero. Thanks for sharing. Like good news .glad he will be ok too.

Random Felines said...

heros for sure!!

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