February 9, 2014

White Dog did not ask me to repeat. She immediately barked a "Fall in!" order to the White Dog Army and they responded by charging to the front door from all corners of the house.

We were going for a ride! And to the Park!!! It seems like ages since we harnessed up the White Dog Army and enjoyed an afternoon of floofy bliss. And it HAS been...truly since before the mite invasion over a month ago.

Steve dressed everyone for a road trip as I quietly went into the office and sat at the desk. My Constant Companion, Bella, followed me and sat in the crate watching. We have discovered this is the least stressful way to "capture" her in order to put on her harness, or groom her, or get her into our arms. The direct approach in an open space is a guarantee of twenty minutes of playing chase and ultimately "trapping and cornering" her. As I "worked" Steve came in with her harness and sat at his desk. I talked to Bella as I checked emails. The rest of the WDA crowded in the doorway anxious to get on the road. Steve took over the conversation as he knelt down in front of the open kennel and reached inside and gently pulled her toward him. He put her in my arms and then together we fastened on her harness. She was unafraid and sat quietly but I did not breathe a sigh of relief until Steve clipped on a lead, thus limiting her ability to leap out of my arms and "escape".

I held her next to me as I finished readying for an outing and then Steve two-by-two took the White Ones out to the van. Oso was carried out last and securely strapped in before Steve came back for Bella and I. I could see the others patiently waiting but thinking "COME ON!"

It was odd to actually lock our door, but with the WDA all with us and Michael volunteering at Fat Katz Rescue until the store's closing, there was actually no one home, a rarity for our house. We locked up, tucked into Pumpkin (Bella on my lap) and headed off into the 65 degree afternoon.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Going to the park sounded wonderful to me

The Lee County Clowder said...

Sounds like quite an adventure before anyone even gets out the door.

Hope everyone had a fun play date.

rottrover said...

I'm so glad Bella is beginning to trust you both!

Jo's World said...

Is that 65 degrees ABOVE zero? I can almost remember what that is like!

Your pal,