April 13, 2014

White Dog looked at me for an answer when the server skated up with our order and not paying any attention said to the driver...White Dog..."Do you need any ketchup of extra napkins with this?" THEN she noticed WD and let out a squeal. "Oh my gosh! What a cute dog!" Of course the others were compelled to let her know that WD was not the ONLY cute dog in the car and she looked in the back window to see the entire White Dog Army patiently waiting for their popcorn chicken. "They are ALL white! Are they the same kind of dogs? They are SO cute!"

Steve, sitting in the back passenger seat (to better share our post park treat), took the bag and his sundae. As he handed the teen a tip, he told her a bit about the White Dogs and the Eskie breed. "Can I pet them?" she asked. "Sure, they are all friendly." "OH MY GOSH! She is so soft!" was her response as she stroked White Dog and then Puff. "They are AWESOME!" The WDA tried to look humble and adorable at the same time.

Our server fumbled in her apron pocket. "Can they have...oh, all I have are peppermints. Can they eat them?" I saw her face fall when Steve suggested that they might be a choking hazard but she perked up when he told her how happy she had made them just by bringing the chicken bites. "Well...." she said. "I better get back to work."

As the WDA enjoyed chicken and a few spoons full of ice cream, we were amused as the rest of the servers slowly skated past our van or came out of the building to peer toward our car. "Seems news of you White Dogs has spread. Wonder if we could leverage this interest into a contract to become spokesdogs?" I laughingly asked. YoYoMa stopped chewing and looked up. "Do you think such a deal would include free munchies?"


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Happy Monday my friends!

Jo's World said...

Dining with the WDA: Sounds like a fun time to me. Spokesdogs? I don't think so. First it would be commercials, then TV appearances, then movie contracts and whew, they would be worn out much of the time. Being Homepups is a good thing and a few evenings at the drive-in!

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Sagira said...

Of course you guys are SO cute! haha...so fun when others love you as well. Chicken bites, YUMMY!

Random Felines said...

you would make great spokes dogs!!! mom says she has had similar squeals a few times going through a certain coffee place with kittens in carriers

ra husky said...

Giggle giggle, we huskerboos get the same thing:) Play bows,


meowmeowmans said...

Aw, we love it! It sounds like the WDA made those servers' days! :)

Caitlin George said...

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