April 19, 2014

White Dog and the White Dog Army barely had time to rush Steve out of the door early this morning on his way to class before Michael came shuffling into the kitchen to fill his water bottle and grab a container of yogurt to take with for breakfast.

"Where is he heading so early?" Taiko wanted to know. Usually after Steve leaves, we all settle in to claim the sleep stolen by needing to be awake at 7am on a Saturday.

"You know Michael." White Dog replied. "He always leaves like an hour earlier than he needs to when he has someplace special to go." "But WHERE is he going?" Taiko pressed. "Oh, the cat rescue is having an Easter Event at Boofy's and he volunteered to go help with setting up and helping throughout the day."

Boofy's is one of The White Dog Army's favorite haunts but it is clear on the other side of town. Michael relies on public transportation so his commitment to participate was a challenge for him. Steve helped him chart a route that required only two busses but the route was long and unfamiliar to Michael. He would have to rely on what he has learned about reading maps and advocating for himself to get there.

We learned later in the day when he returned home that he did run into a slight problem. He got onto the second bus but going in the wrong direction. The WDA is pleased to say he stayed calm, read his map, verified his backward direction with the driver, then got off of that bus and crossed to the correct direction.

The White Dog Army is so proud of the efforts Michael is putting toward working with the Fat Katz Rescue and they seem to appreciate him as well. As he nears the end of his extended high school/ community transition training (graduation is in just a few weeks), we are thrilled and pleased at how far he has come. His understanding of the need to give back to his community is wonderful to see bloom...and the confidence in himself that allows the once fearful of everything autistic child to travel independently around town is nothing short of amazing.

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Sagira said...

Way to go Michael. Such a kind heart. Way to figure out where to go also. My momster gets turned around and she panics and is LOST!