April 21, 2014

White Dog was out running zoomies in the yard as Steve and Oso stood quietly waiting for the end of nature's call. Taiko was standing on the deck and Puff had just come inside.

It was a beautiful warm Spring late afternoon, and as is typical the winds were beginning to pick up as the sun went down and stirred up the air currents. We have in the yard an ancient tree, big and sheltering and under which all of the White Dogs love to rest. It is a beautiful old spirit that is ending the cycle of its life. We are reluctant to cut it down for the shade it offers the house and for the fact it is smack dab in the middle of the yard, encircled by the deck, the block wall, and the back of the house. Removal would be a tremendous undertaking and it is not yet time to make that decision. When we must, it will be with the understanding that we will not ever again in our lifetimes see such a sprawling mature canopy in our yard.

Fortunately, all were out of harms way when a major branch, easily 10' long and as thick around as Oso, gave way with a crack and came crashing into the yard. It was close enough that every one DID jump in fright and the mad dash of the WDA to detour around to the other less used stairs of the deck and in through the dog door was accomplished with Olympic timing. Steve swept Oso into his arms to protect him.

After a short time, curiosity overcame Bella and she ventured out to stand on the deck the dog door an eyelash away, barking a challenge at the branch. She was joined by Puff and then White Dog; the three girls squarely faced the invader daring it to come closer and risk being torn into sticks for treat trades. Taiko clung close to Steve's side and YoYoMa poked his head out of the door  then turned around and headed back inside for a nap.

The branch is heavy but Steve was able to drag it to the side a bit so that normal traffic patterns could resume (although I noticed the Boyz making a point to mark the limb. So there they seemed to taunt). This weekend Steve will have to put on his plaid shirt and play lumberjack but for now every time someone goes into the yard it is with a cautionary glance upward as they head down the ramp. The far back of the yard is seeing a lot more WDA action than usual.

We DO have photos to share but Blogger is being most uncooperative in not allowing us to post them so for now you will have to use your imagination. We are not giving up so hopefully, photos WILL come. Thank goodness, White Dog adds, no baby birdies in nests were harmed either.


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JudyMae Johnson said...

It is so sad when a beautiful old tree begins to fade. Glad no one or no thing was hurt in the crash. We have a tree which should be taken out. Several branches have come down but none doing any damage. The problem is that it is home to squirrels and raccoons. How do I evict them? How do we take it down without hurting them? More importantly, what time of year do they have their babies? I certainly do not want to hurt them.