April 24, 2014

White Dog was not sure whether to first thank Oso for his excellent job as tonight's Paws To People ambassador or for the fact that he brought home turkey carnitas for the entire White Dog Army to enjoy. The others had already followed the grocery bag out to the kitchen.

WD took the high road. "Brother, you ARE fearless! I know today was very rough and that you have been feeling kind of scared of the world because it is a cloudy day in your mind. I am so proud of you for toughing it out and insisting on going to tonight's talk about the diseases that humans and animals share. The entire WDA is proud of you for standing in front of all those people and explaining that what you experience is just like what people with dementia experience...that it is the same and scary and confusing and unpredictable. It helps humans understand the importance of research that will unlock the secrets and help end this awful illness! Touching you and looking into your eyes is an inspiration and makes it real!"

The rest of the WDA had quietly formed a circle around him as she spoke and now nuzzled his nose and side in solidarity. "What you did was wonderful," Puff agreed as she started backing toward the kitchen where Steve was putting together late supper plates. "Thank you especially for thinking of us and bringing home a treat." "Well, if you think about it, it must have been easy peasy," YoYoMa commented. "After all the speech WAS in the meeting room of a grocery store!"

The group did meet in their local market, in a special room, which we were allowed to bring Oso into (especially since he rides in my arms). But after the meeting our fearless one agreed to wait in the car for the time it took Steve and I to actually shop for supper fixings and something appropriate for the White Ones. He approved of the choices of oven roasted turkey on rustic chewy rye with red potato salad for us and turkey carnitas strips for the pups. Poor Oso was so exhausted by his outing that he fell soundly asleep in my arms on the ride home. After "thanks" from his siblings and a tiny nibble, he asked to just go to bed.

"Oso the Fearless seems to have become Oso the Tired," WD smiled around a mouthful of turkey.


Brian said...

We are all so proud of you too Oso!!!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oso,, your strong,, and we love you!