April 5, 2014

White Dog voiced the complaints of the entire White Dog Army who were still struggling to open eyes and get to all fours from their sleeptime positions.

"You are waking us while it is still dark so that dad can go to school like at six in the morning and we have to eat breakfast and be social despite this undogly hour. THEN he is going to be gone for twelve hours, leaving us with only a few measly snacks and nothing fun to do all day.

"And now you are telling us, momma, that YOU are going to spend the entire day getting tax stuff organized? Really?"

"Yes, White Dog that pretty much sums up the day...except that it is still dark and I, too am up and have NOT had my coffee!" White Dog looked at me and then at the WDA. "No coffee yet, huh? Maybe we better fix that as a first priority!"

"Good idea!"


rottrover said...

The only plausible idea!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

yes the best idea I think get mum her coffee and the rest will follow x