April 9, 2014

White Dog and The White Dog Army
Wonderful World Wednesday
White Dog and her siblings are devoted to raising awareness of Comparative Studies Research that we are certain in our hearts is the key to finding the causes, preventions, therapies, and cures that will end catastrophic diseases like cancer and epilepsy that are shared by humans and pets. The members of the WDA are amazing ambassadors in spreading the word that we, two- and four-leggeds, can build bridges to cures together. And they were the first to volunteer to help when an exciting opportunity called The Pollination Project came our way.

Paws To People, our charitable organization, is gaining momentum and support. You all have been with us since its inception but to most of the world we are still new or unknown. "The Pollination Project believes in the power of ordinary people to do extraordinary things. They make $1,000 seed grants to individual change-makers every day of the year. 

Here is what they say about their mission: "We seek to fund at the very grassroots.  We are interested in projects that are created by and with those who are impacted.  We look to fund people and teams who have considered the many ways their project impacts life, directly and indirectly, all over the world and who have made thoughtful choices about how to achieve their goals.

As we are deeply interconnected to all life, we play an integral role in supporting or obstructing its ability to thrive, through our thoughts, words, and deeds. Every person has the potential and power to transform our world, and that change starts with ourselves. How we show up is like the soil in which we plant our intentions, vision and hope for the world. If we are fearful, anxious, angry and resentful, what we plant will reflect this.  If our soil is rich with love, compassion, beauty and joy, what we plant will be loving, compassionate, beautiful and joyful.  As we are, so our work is."
With the encouragement of many, including the White Dog Army, we applied for this grant. We won't know for 8-10 weeks. Part of the application process included creating a video of our project...and of course, The White Dog Army helped. 
Tonight we share our effort and ask for Power of the Paw to guide the decision makers to see the potential of a new way to attack the over 400 diseases that take too many too soon. We also ask you to thank the Universe that there are people out there who, as the founder states, "have been blessed with an education, skills, and resources that allow me to create financial wealth. Rather than let it coagulate in a bank account, my family and I have formed The Pollination Project. We bring financial resources to help manifest your vision."
Here is the Paws To People video, made with help from the White Dog Army...


24 Paws of Love said...

Excellent Video!

What a beautiful voice you have. And a beautiful mission.

May P2P be blessed.

Random Felines said...

we have heard about the Pollination Project....we love the video and we hope they see what we see from your great work!

Brian said...

Y'all really are most amazing!

Anonymous said...

I've read your blog for years but this opportunity to hear your voice was wonderful. Thank you so much for all you do with P2P, your rescues and your heart. Becky

Anonymous said...

Dear White Dog Army & your fearless human leader,

Excellent video, your voice, Susan, was so clear and pronounced and your message with the pictures well done. I certainly think you deserve a grant, good job! :-)

Take care,
Lucy (silent MOD, Troy, Ohio)

KB Bear said...

Great job! Was that you narrating, Sue? You did an awesome job. We are sending the POTP for you to win a grant!

Caitlin George said...

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