May 2, 2014

White Dog rushed to the door barking an announcement that the package had arrived. Before Steve could bring it into the house where Oso waited, every member of the White Dog Army had to sniff the box and check out the photo on its side.

The new Oso Limo was here. A stroller ideally sized to our Little Man yet small enough to maneuver through the house. It had windows, and a deeply padded mattress, and the ability to enclose the sleeping area in a mesh screen...it even had cup holders! "Don't forget to tell them that it is a beautiful sapphire color," Puff added.

Steve assembled the vehicle immediately and the White Dog Army contributed accessories to customize it into a Limo of Love. White Dog volunteered the soft fleece polar bear blanket a very special friend had made for her; Steve covered the mattress with it and curled under one end to make a slightly raised "pillow." YoYoMa donated his sturdy blue fuzzy plush bone; the bone's curve and narrow middle made it perfect for resting a chin or snooter. Taiko dug out his big extra fluffy Turkish bath towel which is extra warm and makes a perfect cover up.

Bella insisted her brother wear the fleece sweater a good friend made. It is a bit long like a nightgown which is good because it covers Oso legs and tail. It is open behind his belly so it is easy to fold back when Steve carries our boy our to potty.

"Everything is just right. There is nothing more I can add," Puff said sadly. White Dog went over and whispered in her ear. Puff's tail began to wag. "I will be Oso's Buggy Babysitter," she announced as WD nodded. "When my brother is in the stroller, I will lie by his side and watch over him making sure he is safe and comfortable."

Oso snuggled into his Limo and looked around. He smiled as he was tucked in and the WDA peered in the window at him. Steve took him for a test ride and then "parked" him next to the chair. Puff settled next to him and I reached in to stroke his side. "Perfect!" We all agreed.


Brian said...

That is such a nice ride for that sweet Oso!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oso is so lucky to have those special wheels made for him!
My mommy says that is exactly what I need - so I can go for long walks and be comfortables. I am happy for you!

Jeanne Pursell said...

The new ride looks perfect for Oso...did you get the WiggleLess yet? Hope it is all working for you!!

Jo's World said...

Oso will have such happy, comfy days in his new Osomobile. Such a perfect set-up for such a perfect pup!

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Little Reufus said...

O I deu love the OSO Limo!!! How perfect that yeu all contributed!

wif SO MUCH LOVE from Little Reufus and the Mom

Agnes B. Bullock said...

That stroller is pawfect! We had two for our pack and they made life easier for us when travelling! Angel Thai slept in one next to the bed every night and the other was his rolling command post from which he ruled the neighborhood