May 22, 2014

White Dog said, "I know that he's only been here a few days but I think the new recruit might have what those of us who are classically trained call a Napoleon Complex." "Hmmm," i replied. "Classically trained, dear heart? Where?" "In the School of Life Experiences and Acute Observation." "I see."

"Seriously, momma, it is the Short Man syndrome to perfection. He is bossy. He thinks he is VERY sexy. He has an opinion about everything. He hates being wrong."

"Wow! You just described every White Dog in the Army! What makes him different?"

"HE is the only one who INSISTS on sleeping on the bed with us at night! AND he wants MY spot!"

"I don't think your new brother has a complex, Little White Dog of My Heart, he is just trying to find his place. Don't be mean but do not yield your bed spot, you earned that. For 10 years you have slept at my side every night except when I was in the hospital. That is not going to change. He is just trying to be brave and put on a fierce front in the hopes no one will notice how really unsure he is and will just give in to him. It has only been a handful of days and we can help him grow into our family. Don't get carried away in your analysis."

"I'll give him time, momma. It is just that he follows each of us around and wants everything WE have." "Sweet WD, apply that classical training you have. WHY do you think he does that?"


Mr. Pip said...

I'm sure he will settle in soon. I think your mom is right ..he's just trying to find his place. Be patient.

Ruby and Angel Pip

Brian said...

It's gotta be tough being the new one on the block.

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

It must be tough indeed. I do know that White dog will do all she can to help your new little one settle in x