May 4, 2014

White Dog and the others swarmed around Steve in an attempt to help and make things fall into place. But they had no success at creating time, which is what Steve was in desperate need of. This round of classes for Steve's MBA program is particularly intensive in terms of written assignments and requires focus and time. The week's work is due at 10pm on Sunday.

Our week past was not gracious in granting the minutes and hours needed. There were scheduled appointments that turned out to be wastes of time as Steve was stood up. There were extra tasks that had to be accomplished as a new tenant moved into our rental house. There were adjustments in our routine as we made adaptations to make Oso more comfortable. There were unplanned "must be there" meetings at work. And Paws To People commitments...and an important milestone for a friend that required we share in the celebration.

Steve was a wonder at grabbing every spare second he could steal. The White Dog Army patiently waited for a late breakfast and did not protest his distractedness as he absently petted heads and misspoke names.

As the deadline loomed Sunday evening, there was a sense of forced calm but the intensity could be felt. Steve worked madly, we could hear his keyboard clicking, and we all sent silent waves of encouragement and positive thoughts to him.

One-by-one after a rushed pup dinner, the White Ones crept into the office and found a place to settle near him...in the hope that closer energies would fill their dad for the last minute surge needed. It was twenty minutes until ten and Steve cried out, "I am ALMOST done! Maybe I can do it!" The WDA wagged in triumph and let him know that they were CERTAIN that he would.

At five minutes until ten the Army was standing clustered around him, Taiko with his head in Steve's lap. Not a pup breathed. It was like a tied basketball game with just seconds on the clock; we stood made of stone as Steve tossed a Hail Mary shot. We watched. Steve threw his head back and howled. The WDA joined in instantly. "Done!"

He hit the send button and stood from the chair. He had gotten everything completed and sent with three minutes to spare. The WDA followed him from the room. Steve collapsed onto the floor in the living room and was besieged by a blizzard of joyous white. He threw his arms around each of them and then reached for the bag of jerky.

"You CANNOT stop the White Dog Army, right guys! Together we can do ANYTHING!"


meowmeowmans said...

We LOVE it! Way to go with that love, encouragement and positive energy, WDA. You did it together! :)

KB Bear said...

You *can* do anything as a team!

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

Hi Steve!
My last few weeks of the semester have been a killer-diller, too. Glad you got the work done. I still have finals and a few small papers to do. Also, grading student papers is always trying. :)
Much Love,
Mama Mindy of The Slimmer Pugs & Purrs

Sagira said...

WHOO HOOO we knew he could do it. We always wish there was more hours in the days.