June 17, 2014

White Dog looked over at the door through which Taiko and Sachi stared forlornly waiting for Steve's return. "I guess there is no more denying that dad's vacation is over," she said. "The two of them are pathetic. I don't have the heart to tell them that it is still TWO more hours before dad gets home."

No doubt about it, the dog days are over, the new quarter is upon us and gone is the fun. This session, Steve has THREE late night classes that do not end until 11pm. Back-to-back Tuesdays and Wednesdays are only slightly more horrible than the fact that our Friday-Is-Saturday has disappeared into a late night class. Somehow having Monday off instead hardly seems like a fair tradeoff, at least to the White Dog Army.

As if we have not been tortured enough by the scheduling madmen of academia, Steve teaches Saturday AFTERNOONS... certainly a problem for the upcoming opera season in Santa Fe. It is his hope that none of his students will have a Saturday morning class and that he will be able to move the starting time of class earlier without conflict. But that is yet an unknown. And momma is not going to be happy if there is a snag.

Tonight is the first night and already his devoted boys are pained and pining. Steve will be overcome by the reception greeting his return, I am certain. To help ease the pain of waiting the WDA and I have already shared liver sausage and crackers...and they will be surprised by the special duck treats Steve bought earlier for special "I missed you" treats to be enjoyed as we humans sup on soup.

Taiko is inconsolable and Sachi checks the window from the watching chair every five minutes. The rest of us offer soft words of comfort and a running countdown...and cross paws that MAYBE this first class will end early.

I am already dreading tomorrow, when the WDA realizes it will be ANOTHER late night.


Brian said...

Waiting is just no fun at all gang!

KB Bear said...

It is tough, especially when the dogs don't understand that the arrival time is far off. When the Runner goes out of town, the dogs wait for him for the whole first night - and then they realize that it's longer term so they settle. I hope class does end early!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Poor babies,,, just do not understand why!!