June 22, 2014

White Dog growled from the other room and I was instantly awake. "What is it Baby Girl?" I stage whispered from the bed across all the sleeping white bodies.

She is still not sleeping against my legs on the bed as she has all of her life because the first few nights he was here, Sachi tried joining us. He has since decided he likes the rug in the bathroom but White Dog has not forgiven the invasion.

WD softly growled again and then I heard the jangle of tags. "Sachi, did you wake you sister?" I called him to me. He came bounding from the office to jump and put his paws on the edge of the bed. Tail wagging, he held the blue egg ball in his mouth. "Sweetheart, it is the middle of the night; it is not time to play." I gently took the soft ball from his mouth and set it on my bedstand. He sat and looked puzzled. "Sleep!" I told him.

He trotted over and play bowed to the sleeping Bella. When she did not respond, he pushed against her and repeated his invitation to play. Her growl was a definite "GO AWAY!" Of Course A White Dog came back over and pawed against the table trying to get his ball; he made little grunts of exertion and moans of frustration.

At four, Sachi is still nearly a puppy in the long-lived Eskie world. He is boundless energy that operates in spurts of all out explosion alternating with deep naps. His rhythm is VERY different from the rest of the WDA; it is one we are still adapting to.

I sat up and lifted him into my arms. "Sachi-san you must not waken every one." He licked my face and squirmed. "You must rest or at least lie quietly." He batted at my face with his paw and stretched past me to get the ball. I sighed. "If we play for a few minutes, will you then promise to cuddle with ball and be still?" I didn't really believe his look of innocent agreement but there in the dark we played ball. For several minutes I rolled the blue egg through the bedroom door out into the hallway and he madly chased it. He would return and jump against me then lay the ball at my feet to do again. I prayed he would not celebrate our fun with the zoomies he often does while carrying the ball before returning for a redo...and that his funky wheezy breathing would not disturb the others.

Finally I told him that the fun was over and it was time to rest. He dutifully carried the ball to his sleeping spot but I wasn't even settled back under the blankets before I heard him playing by himself, throwing and pushing the ball around the bathroom. Puff came in and settled next to me. "Damn kids," she muttered.


Amber DaWeenie said...

BOL...What a sweet boy! He's making up for lost time in his previous life!

Brian said...

Oh to be you g again!